Hello, Human. A Little Straight Talk About Your Marketing.

  1. You want to be everywhere and do every marketing strategy but...
  2. It’s time to focus + simplify so you can stay consistent and go deep.
  3. You’re a brave every day but...
  4. It’s time to be a bold, unstoppable marketer without being pushy.
  5. Your brand message could be all things to all people but...
  6. It’s time to say one thing that transforms people and gets you hired.
  7. You want your marketing to be an extension of you but...
  8. You're not entirely sure how to market that way.

3 Things You Might Not Know About Your Marketing.

You have an ineffable quality that makes people choose you. I call it your Innate Marketing Genius.It reveals your deepest why in service to others, and your brand story needs to show it.

You have a natural way of connecting with others. Your marketing strategy needs to reflect this.

You get to trust yourself in your marketing (can you imagine?). Do this by falling back in love with service. Daily. The Generosity Practice is a generative, empowering mindset tool that makes you an unstoppable (and discerning!) contribution to others.

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This program connects you with your deepest why as a business owner, it pushes you to implement it in the most efficient way possible. I appreciate that this process unveiled a great strategy for me, rather than telling me what to do. Powerful stuff.
- Shawn Cook, Financial Advisor and Business Coach

Marketing for Humans (Previously Marketing for People Who Don't Like Marketing)

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