20 Marketing Strategy Sessions in 2 Months

Christina Frei

Over the last 2 months, I have done 20 Generosity Practice Marketing Strategy sessions. This was a goal I gave myself, and with the help of a personal, daily Generosity Practice, I stayed the course until I reached it – completing my 20th session on November 30.  Yes!

This means I have empowered 20 business owners to discover how they truly want to connect with people in a way that will bring more business. What is better than that? Each strategy has been fresh and vibrant and authentic to that person.

But guess what I learned? The most gorgeous marketing strategy ever doesn’t mean someone implements it. One practitioner I worked with has really juicy stories about his clients. He really gets to know people over the course of treatment, and is constantly inspired by how their lives change thanks to his care. I knew this was pure marketing gold.  We came up with a few compelling 30-second commercials for our networking group, and ideas for a 10-minute speech he was giving soon.

However, he gave his 10-minute talk and has done several commercials, but has yet to include a personal story among them. Even more interesting?  He is not alone in this. Others in the group have done (or not done) the same thing.

My take on this? It is more difficult to change than we expect, and it can feel vulnerable.  For him to reveal his real care, he has to open up.  To make an audience stand up and pay attention means taking a risk and being open – i.e. vulnerability. That is not easy.

We need support through these changes. I offer that in a few ways. First, ongoing monthly power meetings.

Second, a personal practice that gets you in the optimal, generous marketing mindset every day  – and it only takes a few minutes. Welcome to the 30-Day Generosity Practice online training program.  This is an optimal support system for opening up. It is grounding and clarifying, it empowers you to be generous on every level, including in how you connect with your prospects.

Doing the practice daily means you consistently practice putting yourself out there in a joyful, real way.  People feel your care when you operate in this way. Are you with me? Stay tuned for the details.

In the meantime, sign up for a complimentary 30-minute Marketing Assessment with me here.  Let’s see what’s working and what’s not working in how you connect with people you can help.