Moving to Boston, GP-Style

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I am moving to Boston. This is a big adventure for me, and you’re invited to have a front row seat.

Why Boston? Culture oozes out of its pores, it’s human-scaled, the American Revolution started there, several friends live there, and overall it’s a geeky, green, vital, and economically sound place. But beyond all the logical reasons, I just know I need to be there.

This is a great opportunity to use the Generosity Practice. Here’s what I’ve already noticed about using the practice in this transition.

Here’s what I’ve noticed already:

  1. When I use the Generosity Practice, I can already feel myself living in Boston. This could be very challenging otherwise, since I’m a 3-hour drive away from there. But because GP keeps me connected to a bigger game, I don’t feel alone, it’s easier to lift above my small world, and feel my Boston life as a gift to all. Somehow, this makes taking action much easier.
  2. It’s no accident that when I have traveled to Boston, I have enjoyed the generosity of all the AirBNB folks that I met. They have told me all about the neighborhoods, offered all kinds of friendly advice, invited me to their churches, and even suggested that I live in their home until I get settled. Whenever I use the practice, I feel the generosity of others so much more. It connects me deeply and quickly. I could feel very alone in all this. But I don’t.
  3. I’m asking for help. Typically, when I make big changes, I isolate and turn into a productive robot. I go go go until it’s done, which means shutting down emotionally. But this time, I’m letting myself get support from friends and family, I’m OK with getting sad and anxious sometimes, and I lean on people when I need to. With GP, my heart opens and the full range of human experience is OK with me.
  4. Finally, I’m being real. I’m asking the questions that are important to me, when I visit potential landlords, even if someone might find my questions too high maintenance. I tend to err on the side of being way too nice and not digging into the reality before me. With Generosity Practice, I already feel a bond with everyone I meet, and I’m not worried about stepping on their toes as much. So I ask the important questions and really get to know the apartment before I decide to live there. Sigh of relief.

More soon!