Why You Hold Back

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I’ve been talking to lots of people about the Generosity Practice work and my new program, The Integrated Leader. And what I hear from women is that they often lack the confidence to go for what they want and be who they really are. They hold back.  For example, if women in the public eye… continue reading »

3 Stages of Self-Evolvement

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I think it’s really great that you do a few minutes of meditation, some breath work, maybe some tapping (EFT), and even some yoga.  You are self-aware. Doesn’t it make all the difference? On those days with WAY too many meetings, a pile of client work, and unforeseen mess-ups, you REALLY need that calm and… continue reading »

A Generous Business Looks Like This…

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You may have heard of healing practitioners struggling to fill their practice. Maybe you’ve been one. Mary Bennett, an IMT practitioner in Darien, CT, has never had that problem. Ever. I have been her patient for 8 years and consider her one of the most gifted healers I’ve ever encountered, and also truly generous. Mary has… continue reading »