A Generous Business: Sandra Sergeant

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Have you ever met someone that handles stress like she’s frosting a cake? That’s Sandra Sergeant, the owner of Connecticut Caring Solutions, a home care company and the 8th largest woman-owned business in Connecticut. I’ve known her since 2012, and watched her grow her business and produce two national conferences at Mohegan Sun.  Providing home… continue reading »

A Strange and Beautiful Experience of Compassion

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There was a shamanic workshop at a local yoga studio a couple weeks ago.  The two facilitators are masters of creating sanctuary, and as I entered and smelled the sage burning, I felt my subtle internal defenses drop.  Sometimes, you don’t even know you have defenses until it’s safe to let them fall.  With some… continue reading »

Everybody Wins

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Are you used to feeling like everybody wins or is that weird?  Like when you have that great client, you enjoy working with them, you believe in their mission, you do better work for them —  i.e. everybody wins? Or you’re at a great party, and the vibe just flows and everybody wins?  As in,… continue reading »