Fairy Godmother of Marketing Knows Best

Christina Frei Generous Marketing, Innate Marketing Genius

One day you visit your marketing fairy godmother (me) in a snowy clearing in the misty mountains in a land I call Connecticut.  We talk.

Me: What is troubling you, my dear? [pushing back my very large white gown as I sit]

You: Fairy Godmother, I just can’t do marketing.  In fact, I won’t do it. I won’t! I won’t!

Me:  Please, sit down, my dear. Tell me everything.

You: [plunking down across from me and sighing.] I know I have to do it. I know this builds my business. I even have my Innate Marketing Genius figured out. But it’s hard!

Me: [with a very wise expression] Yes, I understand. What specifically is troubling you?

You: Well, I’m finding it was a lot easier to just “phone in” my marketing. You know, just grab a bunch of other people’s articles on Facebook and post them. That’s what everyone else does.  But now I’m invested. So it hurts when people say no.

Me: Sorry to hear it. That must be difficult. Have some tea.

[I magically manifest some lovely Japanese green tea, and we hash out some next steps and viewpoint shifts.  I might sing a Disney song or two during this process.]

Here’s the deal. Being real and present in your marketing does not make your marketing issues go away. I know. It stinks. Rather, it means that you actually care.  Which means it can hurt sometimes. Which means you can be proud if you are challenged in this way. You’re showing courage and really connecting. You care. Thank you for that.

Thusly, you need an inner foundation that keeps you on track. After all, we all have our ups and downs. This means having good practices.

I have an exercise for you to try that will shift you quickly from overwhelm to generosity. Ready?

  1. Think of someone that you’d love to be in service to (a current or potential client).
  2. Put your attention on them and listen for what they really need right now. Let this be artistic and illogical. Let it take you wherever it will. Be open to surprises.
  3. Whether you can offer it in reality or not, create it in yourself so that it feels real.
  4. Offer it to them. Offer it again. Do this until it feels complete.
  5. Notice how they are changing.

You’ve just tried a version of the Generosity Practice as it relates to your clients. Don’t worry if what you’re offering them in your vision relates to your work. This is you paying close attention to your clients and prospects, something them we forget to do sometimes.

Now you’re back in the flow of joyful service and you can contemplate what a next step might be. Your peeps will feel your care.  OK, back to the magical snowy clearing.

[You are smiling with relief as you glance at your notebook filled with ideas and next steps].

Me: Here, have a scone. They’re gluten free.

You: Thank you. I can’t wait to get back and start connecting with my peeps.

Me: Delightful! [with a generous, slightly self-satisfied grin]

[I manifest a broom and fly off waving to you. You wonder how you’re going to get back to reality from this pretty clearing.]

Believe me, you’ve got this.  If you want to have some virtual tea with me and look at ways to move forward, here’s where you go.

In the meantime, go easy on yourself. You’re worth it.