Marketing Fairy Godmother Gets Social

Christina Frei Generous Marketing, Marketing Fairy Godmother

The north winds are howling. You have suffered in the cold, blustery fields of social media posting for days, weeks, maybe months.  The snow is picking up. You can hardly see.

No worries. The Marketing Fairy Godmother has come to your rescue.  When you cry for help, you are suddenly transported to a cozy cottage, watching the snow outside the windows as the fire blazes nearby.

You:  Well, this is nice.

MFG: [radiant in a puffy pink gown and tiara] Yes, I try to keep it clean. What seems to be the trouble?

You:  Every time I sit down to do social media, I feel fake, get distracted, and don’t know what to say.

MFG:  Oh dear, sounds like it’s time for a cupper.

You: A what?

MFG: A cup of tea.  Here. I made oolong today.

You: [taking the tea gratefully] I’ll explain.  I have good content, I have a strong brand, but when I sit down to do my posts, it all falls flat.

MFG: Well let’s get down to business, my dear.

[Important whispering ensues.]

So, my dear, is this you? Not to fear. Your Marketing Fairy Godmother is here and she has a way to make your troubles go away in about 20 minutes. Voila!  Simply manifest some writing paper and I’ll take it from here.

  1. Imagine someone you’d be overjoyed to have as a client with AND a current lovely client too.
  2. Consider 5 things that stop them in their tracks. Don’t let it get you down, however. Simply write these down. Acknowledge what they wrestle with. You don’t have to use a fluorescent pen, but it couldn’t hurt.
  3. How do you help these poor souls through these challenges? Keep your wonderful pen handy and write down all the ways you help, both generally and specifically. (Give yourself time with this. Your pen will pour out the ideas, I promise).
  4. Then, take a moment to admire your notes. My, how you help these people ! Let these answers be the magic inspiration to your social media posts. THIS is how can truly help your wonderful prospects and clients. Take little nuggets whenever you need them. Now go!

With this method, you write directly to your appreciative audience, not Facebook land, the Twitter-sphere, or the Instagram realm. Let’s be honest: nothing good can come of that. Writing by hand as you dream of specific people makes it all come alive.  Find some photos of them to keep them in your heart even more! Delight!

Now let’s away to the little cottage in the snow storm.

You: Oh heavens! How lovely. My notebook is full of ideas.

MFG: [smiles sagely]

You:  Any scones today?

MFG: In fact, I have blackberry lemon scones just out of the oven.

You: I’ll have four, please.

MFG: You’ll have one.

I wish I could make it more difficult, but it’s really that simple, my dear marketer. Just like when you give a talk to 1000 people, you’re really just talking to one person. This method will unleash that tone in you. Ta-da!

I must be going to my next exploration of the beyond-the-beyond!

Marketing Fairy Godmother out.