The Secret to Constant Content

Christina Frei Marketing Fairy Godmother, Marketing Tactics

One day, you find yourself splashing around in a muddy puddle deep in the woods, grumpy with trying to write a marketing piece.

You:     [sigh] Arggghhhhh! My clients tell me all the time they love my work, and they keep hiring me. Grrrrrrrr! I should have lots of content for this article. But I don’t! If only I had some help…

[a high soprano voice warbles a Bach aria for a moment and poof! The Marketing Fairy Godmother appears in a sparkly turquoise gown.]

You:     Marketing Fairy Godmother! I forgot about you.

MFG:   I know.  But here I am.  [I sit down at a safe distance so I don’t get mud on the satin.]

You:     I’m struggling. I have a newsletter. And a talk, among others things. And….

MFG:   Sounds like someone needs to live like a communicator.

You:     What do you mean?

[I beckon you closer and important whispering ensues.]

My dear buttoned-up business owner, do you stare anxiously at a blank page whenever you sit down to write your marketing pieces? Come sit by me. (Wait, are your shoes clean? No matter.) I have a secret for you.

Here it is: you are a communicator. Ta-da!

What this means is that you can’t simply pick up a fountain pen once every 2.5 months to write something superb on musty vellum. You have to pay attention to life and your business and continuously record things you find interesting and relevant.  You have to be collecting and creating content all the time.

It’s a lifestyle, my pet. And it makes you an explorer, as well as a communicator. And it’s easier than it sounds.

This might mean you have a journal in your briefcase or cool smartphone app at all times. You watch, you study, you record.

This could be as simple as spending 5 minutes a day reflecting on how you help people, what makes your clients unique, what challenges they are having. Record record record! Soon you will see what a genius you are and have small mountains of material for your articles and talks and anything else.

[The muddy puddle has dried up and flowers are blooming!]

You:     Brilliant! I’m going to get a camel-toned leather notebook.

MFG:   You’ll have a fine kettle of content soon.

You:     Speaking of kettle, can we celebrate with tea? And scones?

MFG:   Certainly. Today it’s mushroom, cheddar, olive scones and ginger tea.

You:     Oh! Savory! That’s different.

MFG:   Yes, I’m trying to watch my sugar intake.

You:     Really? But you’re in such great shape.

MFG:   You’re my favorite client.

Set up your tea-and-scones appointment here and let’s discuss your marketing.

Marketing Fairy Godmother must away.