Got 57 Ways You Help People?

Christina Frei Innate Marketing Genius, Marketing Fairy Godmother, Marketing Tactics

The sky is grey and oppressive. You can’t move. This park bench feels like prison. Your hair is pointing in multiple directions. You mumble softly to yourself.

MFG:   Oh dear. I recognize these signs.

You:     What? Oh! Marketing Fairy Godmother. I didn’t notice you.

MFG:   And I wore my pink stockings with gold sparkles just so you would!

You:     Sorry…I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’m sooooo stuck!

MFG:   Alrighty, scoot over on that bench and let me take the weight off these sparkles. Now, what if I told you that this is a very common (and not life threatening) condition called “option paralysis?”  You help in so many ways, but are wondering how do you communicate that in your content?Am I right?

You:     So true. I help people in this way, this way, and this way, and this way….

MFG:   I have an answer for you in the form of a question: what is the one thing that gets people in the door? Because we know that once they’re in the door and they get results, they will be interested in all the other ways you help.

You:     Well, people who own lots of dogs come to me because they need help organizing their lives.  I’m really good at helping them live by their priorities and love their dogs –  at the same time. I suppose I can relate [brushes off dog hairs from sweater].

MFG:   Ah, I see. [smiles to herself]  So when you write content for your website, you want to speak to those dog-loving people in particular.

You:     Really? It’s that simple? Wow.

MFG:   Here, I can give you some examples of professionals with strong marketing who have done this.

  • A digital marketer who tailors his content specifically for mortgage brokers to help them get more leads online.
  • A financial planner who focuses on helping families finance college education.
  • An energy healer who specializes in curing allergies.
  • A real estate attorney who specializes in educating new real estate agents.

All these professionals help in many other ways (and often to other audiences), but they lead with one particular problem in their marketing (in a way that reflects their Innate Marketing Genius).

You:     Hm, I hadn’t thought about how my IMG might relate to this situation, but yes, you are so right.  And you’re saying I need to be specific to help find my people and bring them in initially. I can do that. It really narrows it down. I know exactly what to say to those dog-appreciating types.

MFG:   I knew you would. You’re looking much brighter, my dear. [a rainbow appears in the distance]

You:     I really do feel better. [rumbling sound]

MFG:   Is that thunder?

You:     No, it’s my stomach.   I’m ready for some traditional scones with jam and clotted cream.

MFG:   That’s fortunate, because that’s what I just baked.

You:     I love working with you.

MFG:   [smiles]