When a Steady Presence Geeks Out

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To your left is a man in a white shirt with thick glasses.  To your right is a man in a white shirt with thick glasses and a beard. Behind you is a red-haired woman with the tattoo, a white shirt, and thick glasses. You yourself look much the same, along with 500 similar-looking folks circling you.  Everyone is quietly conferring.

Suddenly, a woman in a puffy red gown appears and maneuvers her way through the crowd. All conversations stop.

MFG:   Oh, there you are! I thought you were at the other convention. My bad.

You:     Marketing Fairy Godmother! [light clapping ensues]

MFG:   [reaches you and whispers] Well, don’t these people look like they could solve all the world’s problems?

You:     Isn’t it wonderful?

MFG:   Yes, indeed. You look like a pig in mud. May I borrow you for a moment? I want to hear how things are going.

You:     OK. [you both head to a small conference room]

MFG:   Ooh, I like the teal bungee chairs in here.

You:     This place is heaven for me. Ever since I realized I’m a Steady Presence*, I’ve been geeking out happily with my colleagues, writing and Facebook-Live-ing about it.  My audience has been eating it up with a fork and spoon.

I mean, I go on and on about my conferences, my colleagues, my expertise, and people cannot get enough of it!

All I have to do is hang out with fellow nerds and talk about it with me peeps.  People reach out to me without my having to chase them down. 

MFG:   Well done! Well, you are a Steady Presence*, and they do well to lean back in their stance towards prospects. Pushing doesn’t work.

You:     Exactly! And it’s working! The chasing down thing made me dread all forms of marketing. But once I changed my perspective and strategy to match my Innate Marketing Genius, things really started to open up. I love it!

MFG:   Well, this calls for a celebration.  Shall we? [instantly manifests scones with calculators designed out of frosting]

You:     Did you frost these yourself?

MFG:   I did. Thought you might appreciate that. Have some rose hip infusion tea.

You:     Yum.

You know that great client you worked with recently? Did you notice how worked flowed and things got done and it was just easier?  You were probably generous and empowered.  Well, you have a specific way of being generous and empowered, and it can flow into your marketing. It starts with identifying your Innate Marketing Genius. Let’s talk about it, brilliant one.  

* Steady Presence is a type of Innate Marketing Genius.  Click here to discover all the genius types, and determine yours.