Do You Let Yourself Hate Marketing?

Christina Frei Generous Marketing, Innate Marketing Genius, Marketing Genius

Even if you are a brilliant marketer for others, you probably hate marketing yourself.  We all have resistance to growing our business. As nice as growth is, you have to change to grow and it can be awkward to build yourself up.

The great thing is that letting yourself resist and even hate marketing clears the path to great marketing, the kind that connects you with people you want to serve.

So here’s my way of showing you to bring it on. Whatever resistance you have, I say yay!!!!

For example,

  1. That sinking feeling when you think about your next newsletter.   Thumbs up!
  2. That buzzy sensation that has you binging Instagram for hours.Excellent.
  3. Overwhelm from all the marketing options that has you faced down on a couch for the rest of the afternoon.  Fantastic!
  4. The angst in your chest when you consider calling someone about booking a talk. Can’t get enough of it.
  5. Mild or not-so-mild envy when you’re looking at someone’s clever social media presence. Oh, more please!

Why am I so excited and cheering you on? When you face your resistance and let yourself hate marketing, you make space for your gorgeous, formidable marketing voice.  This is when things change. This is also the first step in my Innate Marketing Genius identification process.

I want you to feel awe and even reverence for your true Innate Marketing Genius. It will surprise you and delight you. It also changes lives.

You’ve got work to do, my friend. We need you out there. So…what’s it going to be? To own or not to own your Innate Marketing Genius? Let’s talk.