Diane Meehan – How Pepperlane is Growing Organically and Exponentially

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And now for a strong Nurturer marketer. A Nurturer is the Innate Marketing Genius type that leans in and makes things safe for others to thrive.  Diane Meehan is the Director of Business Development at Pepperlane, an organization that helps moms build their businesses.  I  have been struck by their organic growth, where they went from 10 meetings a month… continue reading »

Brie Stephens – Real Estate Agent Bringing the Good Life

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I recently gave a talk at a New Hampshire real estate agency, and I featured a master marketer and real estate agent, Brie Stephens. Owner of Lake Life Realty, Brie is a strong Celebrator, the Innate Marketing Genius type that brings the good life to her people. That’s how she comes alive in service to others.  She agreed to… continue reading »

Passion is Not the Answer

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When I talk to prospects, I sometimes hear this: “I want to have more passion in my marketing.” or “It’s so important to have passion in your work.” or “Passion is so important.”  And I think to myself, “Nope.”  There’s nothing wrong with having passion. But let’s look at the origin of the word.  It’s the Latin word pati, … continue reading »