3 Keys to Great Marketing

Christina Frei

When you read the words, “marketing strategy,” what happens to you? Do you recoil, as though someone has just asked you to eat a live eel? Do you want to take a nap, since it is so overwhelming that you get drowsy? Do you want to take an aspirin, since there are so many options and so many experts, and it just gives you a headache? Maybe you feel hopeless, since it’s such a noisy marketplace, and everyone seems to be yelling at the top of their lungs. Or you just don’t want to spend any more money on strategies that don’t guarantee results.

You are not alone.  I have taken dozens of entrepreneurs through the Generosity Practice Marketing process and they faced the exact same challenges. Here are the 3 key components of that helped them turn things around.

1. Get Honest

First, you have to get honest.  You can have the best intentions and be brilliant, but if you are overwhelmed by all your marketing ideas, you need to admit that first.  Marketing might feel like a heavy boulder in your gut.

However, when you get honest about how you experience marketing, then you can take control, make it your own, and move forward.

2. Get Inspired

Once you take a breath and get honest, you are primed to uncover your marketing genius.  Whether you know it or not, you have an inner magic, a way to connect with others where you come alive as they are benefitting from you. Everybody wins. This is the ideal marketing mindset and it’s the real work.

Once you’re there, it’s a matter of finding ways to share your genius with potential clients. Your authentic marketing strategy gets built on a solid foundation of authenticity. People feel that.

3. Get Consistent

You could have the most powerful marketing strategy ever, nothing will change unless you use it consistently throughout the year. I see this often.  A marketing client walks away inspired and ready to work.  Then life happens. It’s understandable.  A solo business owner is in charge of so many facets of their business. It’s easy to get side-tracked.

This is why I make sure you can stay on track.  This way, you become a likeable expert in your community (as the Boston-based marketing expert, Michael Katz, calls it) and as a result, people easily refer you business.

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