5 More Things that Happen When You GP

Christina Frei

Oh, you thought it was only 5 things? Here’s 5 more.

  1. You Act as an Artist. This practice takes creativity. It takes deep listening. It taps your imagination and intuition. It asks you where you are internally drawn.  It’s as though you were Vincent Van Gogh staring at a blank canvas. Well done, you. When you do the practice, your creativity kicks in.
  1. You Say Yes. You get really good at receiving. You won’t suddenly disappear for a dentist appointment when opportunities and resources present themselves. You say yes and act on them. They are a gift to you and you feel that.
  1. It Regenerates You. Most people on planet earth give and give and give and are often disappointed, resentful and exhausted when they don’t get recognition or appreciation. With GP, you turn that whole game on its head. The more you give, the better you feel. It’s a big gear shift. And it’s spectacular. Generosity becomes your fuel.
  1. You Just Know. When you stick with the practice, you know what aligns with you and what does not. This is another reason that decisions become easier. It will be clearer who is on your team, who are you peeps, and where the resources are.  You are drawn in certain directions and you learn to trust yourself, especially since it’s all from a generous place. You won’t worry about being self-centered and impressively intuitive, because you operate from a foundation of generosity.
  1. You Access Your Inner Zen. Many people have reported on the fast calming effect to their nervous system, when doing the Generosity Practice. When things get nuts, you’ve got a powerful, fast-acting tool. It’s more than just the pause in your day. It’s about feeling yourself as a contribution that is bigger than any of hassles that arise.

10 Minutes a Day. That’s the Generosity Practice.

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