5 Things that Happen When You GP

Christina Frei

Here are 5 things that happen when you do the Generosity Practice.

  1. You Play a Bigger Game: Part of the Generosity Practice is connecting to something bigger than yourself. So…you’re not just in your office staring at your profit and loss statement. It’s a bigger game now, one that’s not about pleasing everyone or impressing others. You, my friend, become plugged into a powerful source of awesome. You won’t waver when it counts.
  1. You. Are. Deciding. Feeling indecisive? Can’t decide on a marketing direction or a new hire? This practice has you making a powerful choice right out of the gate each day. You strengthen your decision-making muscle, which makes other decisions easier. And it makes you a leader. People feel your decisions, especially awesome ones like how to be generous.  Business decisions become a cake walk. Now you’re ready.
  1. Total Focus.As you decide, it clarifies your priorities. You’ll know what matters to you when you do the practice.  If you have 13 projects going on, the practice distills it all down to what truly matters. No more scary to-do lists that take over your life.  Time to act on what’s important.
  1. A Vulnerable, Heart-Centered Leadership is Not Just an Idea. Your heart opens, you get real about what you care about, and you feel supported the whole time. Since it feels so good AND you’re benefiting everyone, there’s no point in holding back. You come forward as the true you, vulnerable and real. You feel more and everything gets more vivid.
  1. A Spa Moment: You pause to listen to yourself. This stops the outside world from taking over your life. Nice job.