A Big Decision

Christina Frei Uncategorized

Recently, I was reading Paul Jarvis’s amazing article on how to do (and how NOT to do) a newsletter.  It was 11 pages long (!) but my big take away was one question – a very GP question, I might add: “How do you bring the most good for the most benefit to the people who appreciate you the most?”

My answer to that question? Helping someone refine their Generosity Practice, taking it from a 5 to a 10 (on a scale of 1-10) on all levels of the practice.

For me, it means talking to people who already know the practice.

For you, it means learning the practice so you can get the most out of this.

Once you experience the practice, it’s a different conversation. We can connect about your business and your life life from the lens of GP – so powerful, so different.  So instead of talking about how great this work, I want to SHOW you how great it is. Right now.

In order to do this, I am offering you a free 20-minute audio training of the foundational practice. Be sure to give yourself some quality time with it, instead of listening to it in the car or in the background.  Make notes. Ask me questions. I’m all ears.

AND…when you want to go further, just email me your request, and I will send you the links to the 70-minute video training.

Alright, my friend.

Let’s do this.

Once again, the audio training.