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For a long time, I focused on the strategic side of marketing.  After graduating from Wellesley College, I worked as a media buyer for J. Walter Thompson (Unilever), as an account executive at TBWA/Chiat Day and Fallon McElligott (NBA), as a marketing manager in a Shelton, CT-based semiconductor company, as a business manager at a construction firm.  It was all about doing the right thing and getting results. And that was great. But something was missing. It all felt very flat.  When you contemplate what can happen in human connection, marketing sparkles with possibilities.  It just needs to be real, vulnerable, authentic. And I get the allure of the “right strategy.” When I was a youth speaker obsessed with the Founding Fathers, I made cold calls to PTA parents, posted to Facebook, wrote a book5 Rockstars of the American Revolution – and eventually got on the History Channel and the Today Show. All the right things. (Yup, I met Henry Rollins – twice). In 2014, I needed to generate income quickly, and I decided I wanted to do this from the deepest part of myself. I was done following “good strategies.”

So I used a practice I developed back in 2002, the Generosity Practice. It changed things almost immediately. The core of this meditative practice is deciding how you want to be in joyful connection with and in service to your people. (Read why this is so badass compared to other inner work.) What is more energizing than making a real difference? With that as my baseline attitude, I reached out to the right people, and generated lucrative work contracts that I loved. Instead of creating a “good marketing strategy,” I focused on being in joyful, generous service. I loved the work – ghost writing, writing coaching, project managing for brilliant entrepreneurs – and I was making good money. Since January 2015, I have trained people in this practice in over 150 individual sessions, in non-profits, in businesses, in schools, in public webinars, at yoga studios, and in 2 world-wide field-study programs, where people all over the world used the practice for 30 days and reported their results on short videos. I also discovered 4 levels of the practice. The most powerful results have been in marketing and sales, using Level 4, a profound and impactful level of Generosity Practice. So I added this to my work and coached service professionals.  What I discovered was their Innate Marketing Genius, their natural way of connecting and helping those they serve.  With that in hand, we co-create their marketing strategy that takes their genius out into their community, and it tends to be simple, authentic, and sane.   Check out any of my marketing case study articles to see the results. All my clients learn the Generosity Practice on the 30-Day Generosity Practice Mastery Program, and then get ample support, community, and clarity in my Innate Marketing Genius program.


Christina has been a game changer for my business. I not only have a new marketing strategy that I enjoy doing, but a great pipeline generator—and all the while doing the work that I love.

I love my work as a life coach! The real challenge has been finding the best way to market myself. Word of mouth only goes so far. I found many who could teach me HOW to implement marketing tactics, such as social media postings, etc., and PLENTY of free advice from people who claimed to know THE best way to do marketing. But what I found is a whole lot of cookie-cutter approaches but none which offered a clear strategy geared for ME and MY BUSINESS.

Then one day I heard Christina Frei speak. I connected with her approach—finding MY best marketing voice and developing a strategy around what I am most comfortable with while maintaining my authentic voice. Once I hired Christina, I very quickly had a defined marketing voice and one marketing strategy – public speaking. One strategy – this I could do. I resisted speaking at first (“Would people come to listen to me?”), but when I finally took action, I got results. I recently gave my first two public workshops/talks, and wow! EVERYONE signed up for my email list (Christina and I worked on the enticing freebie), half signed up to do a sample session with me (thanks to a soft sell technique guided by Christina), and two new clients are on board (my goal was one).  This was working! Plus, the venue said it was the best-attended event the venue manager’s had so far and he’s invited me back for more.  Christina helped me step into my power and generosity and people are responding. I actually enjoyed speaking and giving the workshop!  Christina nailed it and she has been a game changer for my business. I not only have a new marketing strategy that I enjoy doing, but a great pipeline generator—and all the while doing the work that I love.

Amy Berenson
Life and Career Coach, Navigate Ahead

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