Marketing as an Adventure Guide

Congratulations! You are an Adventure Guide. Below you will find out more about yourself and how to market as an Adventure Guide. When you stay true to your Innate Marketing Genius type, marketing is sustainable since 1. you are you, 2. you help others, and 3. they love it. Everybody wins.


Your Big Why (and What We Love about You)
You see big picture goals fast and easily empower people to reach them.

It’s Important to You That…
People try something new and experience things viscerally.

It’s Easy for You to…
Embrace your own adventures
Be aware of what’s possible for another
Live by example
Help others to live life to the fullest

You in a Nutshell:
You don’t need to climb mountains to be an Adventure Guide. You can be a financial advisor who sees the big things your prospects could be having and getting them there. You’re the one who sees what’s possible. People love this about you, even though it pushes them out of their comfort zone.

What you Might Not Realize:
Just being around you inspires folks to reach further and dream bigger.
Your own adventures are inspiring to your people.

Watch Out for:
Impatience when people don’t want to move forward.
Frustration when people don’t see what is possible for them.


We need you to lean in with your vision of what is possible. Make that real for us. Specifically, check out the Adventure Guide-Style Strategic Questions (pg. 3) to generate content. But in general,

Focus on the adventures and big life experiences you are empowering in others.
Empower people to reach for those.
Don’t focus on the “how.”

Things Other Marketers Do that You Don’t Need to:
Prove your expertise
Show lots of flash, flair, and style
Wow people with new ideas
Make people feel comfortable and nurtured

Marketing Tactics:

  • For prospect meetings, decide on an activity you’d like to do. Kayaking, hiking, horseback riding, etc. Make these meetings adventurous.
  • Sponsor an adventurous event – a run, a splashy party with interactive activities, a sporting event.
  • Send people on quests and have them report back.
  • Arrange a scavenger hunt related to your business.
  • Position your client on-boarding process as an exploration, a fun adventure.
  • Host an experiential workshop where people try things.
  • Go on an adventure (metaphoric or literal) and share about it.
  • Feature your clients’ adventures in your marketing.
  • Show how amazing things can be.

Adventure Guide Brand:
Patagonia, the adventure outfitter. Their catalogs are filled with pictures of people scaling every peak and crevice of this good earth. That is what you remember about them, not how great the fabrics are, although that’s important. They show you beautifully what you could be doing with their gear. That’s why people buy it.

Practical Application – Newsletter

  • Use the Strategic Questions to create content.
  • Bring out your badass-ness of your own adventures to inspire others.
  • Have audience do challenges, such as 7-day challenges, 15-day challenges, 30-day challenges through your newsletter.
  • Use photos when you can. Invest in good ones.

Industry-Specific Practical Application: Real Estate Agent Newsletter
Show photos of a new listing with the following taglines:
“This is where you’ll start your new family.” (photo of the nursery or swingset)
“This is where you’ll dream up a non-profit.” (photo of the home office)
“This is where you’ll finally take up boating and sail into the sunset.” (photo of the harbor view)
“This is where you’ll watch 10 species of migrating birds coming through.” (photo of the back yard)
“This is where you’ll keep your rock climbing gear.” (photo of the garage shelves)
“This is where you’ll have the big talk with your daughter.” (dining table)

Lifestyle Goals:
Show lifestyle photos – what lifestyle are they reaching for?
Talk about an edgy new activity people do in your priority neighborhood (Are they doing a new kind of boot camp? Is there a new pole dancing studio? Are they renting kayaks in bad weather? Are kids learning Mandarin?)

Feature a brand-new condo development in an area that used to be considered undesirable.

Create Content with Strategic Questions for Adventure Guides:
What adventures have you empowered clients to have lately?

What adventures are you having now?

What is one way you empower your clients and prospects to reach for more?

How do you inspire adventure in your outreach? (by offering challenges, mini-adventures, photos)

What is at stake people don’t reach for their big life goals and adventures?

How can you show rather than tell what is possible? (photos, stories, etc.)