Amanda Hammett: A Strong Voice Under Pressure

Christina Frei

Amanda Hammett works with Fortune 100 companies to help them retain, inspire, recruit, and retain millennial talent.  She was an early client, she influenced the path of my work, and she’s done great things over the last 3 years. I feature her in every talk I do.

Her marketing challenges? She didn’t start out as a good marketer or sales negotiator. She wanted to do many different strategies. She wanted to be all things to all people. 

But she made a decision to lean into her Innate Marketing Genius, i.e. her voice, and use the strategy that works best: speaking.  All this while under pressure to branch out to other strategies and please everyone, as every marketer wants to do.  

In a very short period of time, she landed clients so big, I’m not supposed to even mention their names here. She is influencing how business is being done all over North America and beyond. 

Let’s hear how Amanda has stayed true to her voice, the Nurturing Straight-Talker, and grew her business so quickly on this week’s episode of Marketing for Humans.