Revenge Songs and Owning My Voice

* Photo of me and ensemble. I'm laughing out of sheer joy from that trumpet and sheer relief that we actually did it! Recently, I sang a revenge aria, an Italian song by Alessandro Scarlatti.  It seems that the Baroque era is filled with these angry songs. Mine was for soprano, piccolo ... Read More

Simple (Not Easy) Marketing

This past month, I have given talks at several large real estate offices in the North Shore of Massachusetts. In September, I will be giving the biggest talks of my career, including a college continuing education program and an entire corporate office park. Giving talks has been successful in growing ... Read More

Yet Another Newsletter to Write

Does writing a newsletter make you want to bite your hand off sometimes?  I get it.  Where to begin? What to say? Or if you have lots to say, how to focus and simplify? And if you’ve been doing it for a while, have you run out of content? Gah! ... Read More

King Arthur and Marketing

I know a few things about you. (Way to sound creepy, Christina). For instance, you stand for a more compassionate world, specifically for your clients. You know that kindness is always the answer but that kindness takes many forms (and might not always look kind to everyone). Yup. That’s you ... Read More

Generosity Practice Before the Big Talk

When I work with clients, the on-boarding process is the 30-Day Generosity Practice Mastery Program. This is a powerful daily 10-minute habit, the Generosity Practice, which prepares folks to rock their marketing.  Amanda, a millennial consultant who helps corporations retain their younger staff, describes below how this changed everything when speaking in ... Read More

I’m Talking in Somerville Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, Tuesday, April 4th at 12:00p-1:30p, I'm giving my first public talk in the Boston area. It's at a co-working innovation center in Somerville called Canopy City. Excited! I'll be talking about Marketing for People Who Don't Like Marketing: 3 Keys to Loving Your Marketing It's an interactive experience where you ... Read More

3 Keys to Great Marketing

When you read the words, “marketing strategy,” what happens to you? Do you recoil, as though someone has just asked you to eat a live eel? Do you want to take a nap, since it is so overwhelming that you get drowsy? Do you want to take an aspirin, since ... Read More

20 Marketing Strategy Sessions in 2 Months

Over the last 2 months, I have done 20 Generosity Practice Marketing Strategy sessions. This was a goal I gave myself, and with the help of a personal, daily Generosity Practice, I stayed the course until I reached it – completing my 20th session on November 30.  Yes! This means ... Read More

3 Stages of Self-Evolvement

I think it’s really great that you do a few minutes of meditation, some breath work, maybe some tapping (EFT), and even some yoga.  You are self-aware. Doesn’t it make all the difference? On those days with WAY too many meetings, a pile of client work, and unforeseen mess-ups, you ... Read More

15 People Chime In on Generosity Practice

In March 2016, 40 people all over the world used the Generosity Practice for 30 days. Here is 12-minute sneak preview of what 15 people experienced ... Read More