Crushing it as a Steady Presence

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Last year, I wanted to lose weight and get in better shape. I worked with Spectrum Fitness in Beverly MA – a place rooted in physical therapy, where everything is customizedto your health and strength-training needs.  I lost 15 lbs and am stronger than I’ve ever been.  Mike Stare owns Spectrum Fitness, just opened up a facility… continue reading »

What’s at Stake in How You Market

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Yesterday I gave a talk in beautiful Concord, MA. One thing I addressed is what is at stake when you haven’t mastered your marketing i.e. don’t put your heart and soul into it. It’s more than simply losing new business. Find out the 4 things at stake in this 60-second video. Here’s one powerful step… continue reading »

What is Innate Marketing Genius?

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How does your marketing make you feel?  Like a doormat trying to please everyone? A poser trying to impress us? A desperate dog chasing us for business? There’s another possibility you may not have considered. You could be a total contribution. Not a martyr or do-gooder, but someone making a difference in a unique way that has magic, power, and relevance. Your Innate… continue reading »

The Ongoing Parties: A Lesson in Enjoying Your Marketing

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I recently had the pleasure of meeting with David and Arthur Martiroso of  DNA Realty, part of Keller Williams Andover, MA.  These top-selling brothers have so much fun with their real estate marketing, I had to find out more. Even successful agents wrestle with marketing. While much of their business is referral based, these gentlemen… continue reading »

I Need to Grow My Audience

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“I need to grow my audience.” This seemingly innocent statement creates agony for some marketers.   It can cause mild or not-so-mild desperation, which can lead to marketing greed where you’ll try anything. And this leads to mountains of what I like to call marketing douche-baggery – desperate Facebook ads begging you to click, mechanical sales… continue reading »