Brie Stephens – Real Estate Agent Bringing the Good Life

Christina Frei

I recently gave a talk at a New Hampshire real estate agency, and I featured a master marketer and real estate agent, Brie Stephens. Owner of Lake Life Realty, Brie is a strong Celebrator, the Innate Marketing Genius type that brings the good life to her people. That’s how she comes alive in service to others. 

She agreed to be on my podcast, Marketing for Humans, so I interviewed her a couple weeks ago. Wow. Brie is a 30 under 30 agent in the 2018 Realtor Magazine, a  top 10 agent in NH, and did $35 Million in business in 2018. She also has a website, social media and video presence that regularly gets her business – her digital presence works consistently. This episode is a master class on marketing. Just listening to her talk gives you ideas on how to connect with your community and build your business, especially if you are a Celebrator

Episode 13: Brie Stephens – Real Estate Agent Bringing the Good Life

If you are curious about how you can magnetize business with your own genius type, take the assessment.  Because even though Brie is brilliant and you can take notes form her, you have your own version of this. 

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