Katie Clancy, Celebrator on Fire

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You might think that Celebrators have it easy as marketers. After all, they have flair, style, humor, overt enthusiasm, or design sense and they bring to the good life to others when they’re healthy. Their lives (and their marketing) can seem like a constant celebration. That’s their thing. But it’s not like that. Katie Clancy, a featured speaker at the National… continue reading »

From Marketing Wallflower to National Strategist

Christina Frei Celebrators, Innate Marketing Genius

This article focuses on a Celebrator’s Innate Marketing Genius. Curious about your IMG? Click here. Sarah Ottow is changing the world, one classroom at a time.  When she talks about coaching English Language Learner teachers and creating programs for school districts to help integrate ELL students, her energy is infectious.  A coach and consultant at… continue reading »