What the Generosity Practice Does for Business Owners

There are so many options for how to grow and sustain your business. You might wonder how to keep it all human, i.e. trust building and sustainable. The tool I use (as well as all my clients) for these challenges is Generosity Practice. If you've heard me talk about it, ... Read More

Seth Godin Says Authenticity is a Bad Thing

In his latest book, This is Marketing, Seth Godin writes, It takes a small amount of energy and guts to be authentic. You need to feel confident enough to let your true feelings be exposed, knowing that if you’re rejected, it’s personal.  But there’s a lot of hiding involved as well—hiding from ... Read More

Generosity Practice Before the Big Talk

When I work with clients, the on-boarding process is the 30-Day Generosity Practice Mastery Program. This is a powerful daily 10-minute habit, the Generosity Practice, which prepares folks to rock their marketing.  Amanda, a millennial consultant who helps corporations retain their younger staff, describes below how this changed everything when speaking in ... Read More

3 Keys to Great Marketing

When you read the words, “marketing strategy,” what happens to you? Do you recoil, as though someone has just asked you to eat a live eel? Do you want to take a nap, since it is so overwhelming that you get drowsy? Do you want to take an aspirin, since ... Read More

20 Marketing Strategy Sessions in 2 Months

Over the last 2 months, I have done 20 Generosity Practice Marketing Strategy sessions. This was a goal I gave myself, and with the help of a personal, daily Generosity Practice, I stayed the course until I reached it – completing my 20th session on November 30.  Yes! This means ... Read More

3 Stages of Self-Evolvement

I think it’s really great that you do a few minutes of meditation, some breath work, maybe some tapping (EFT), and even some yoga.  You are self-aware. Doesn’t it make all the difference? On those days with WAY too many meetings, a pile of client work, and unforeseen mess-ups, you ... Read More

15 People Chime In on Generosity Practice

In March 2016, 40 people all over the world used the Generosity Practice for 30 days. Here is 12-minute sneak preview of what 15 people experienced ... Read More

5 More Things that Happen When You GP

Oh, you thought it was only 5 things? Here’s 5 more. You Act as an Artist. This practice takes creativity. It takes deep listening. It taps your imagination and intuition. It asks you where you are internally drawn.  It's as though you were Vincent Van Gogh staring at a blank canvas ... Read More

5 Things that Happen When You GP

Here are 5 things that happen when you do the Generosity Practice. You Play a Bigger Game: Part of the Generosity Practice is connecting to something bigger than yourself. So…you’re not just in your office staring at your profit and loss statement. It’s a bigger game now, one that’s not ... Read More

Why I’m Doing a Movie

For the last 13 months, I’ve been sharing the Generosity Practice, a 10-minute focusing practice, to rave reviews. People have taken this simple tool and used it with artistry - gorgeousness. As a result, they’ve gotten through the holidays with peace of mind, they sailed through financial challenges, and they ... Read More