I Need to Grow My Audience

Christina Frei Generosity Practice, Generous Marketing

“I need to grow my audience.” This seemingly innocent statement creates agony for some marketers.   It can cause mild or not-so-mild desperation, which can lead to marketing greed where you’ll try anything. And this leads to mountains of what I like to call marketing douche-baggery – desperate Facebook ads begging you to click, mechanical sales… continue reading »

Generosity Practice Before the Big Talk

Christina Frei Generosity Practice, Generous Marketing, Innate Marketing Genius, Nurturers, The Benefits

When I work with clients, the on-boarding process is the 30-Day Generosity Practice Mastery Program. This is a powerful daily 10-minute habit, the Generosity Practice, which prepares folks to rock their marketing.  Amanda, a millennial consultant who helps corporations retain their younger staff, describes below how this changed everything when speaking in front of 55 Fortune 500… continue reading »