Life Coach Marketing Plan: 5 Ways to Get Clients by Being You

When marketing your life coaching business is as life-giving and transformational as your coaching It’s time to get out there and change the world with your coaching skills and big love. But you might not be the only coach out there (!), so it’s helpful to show us your mojo, ... Read More

Dana Magnus – What is a B Corporation?

I love finding people who are masters of certain vehicles. Instagram. Email newsletters. Websites. I collect them as reference points for my work. If you are obsessed with someone on a channel, let me know and I'll likely add them to my list. ! Dana Magnus is a diva on ... Read More

Brie Stephens – Real Estate Agent Bringing the Good Life

I recently gave a talk at a New Hampshire real estate agency, and I featured a master marketer and real estate agent, Brie Stephens. Owner of Lake Life Realty, Brie is a strong Celebrator, the Innate Marketing Genius type that brings the good life to her people. That's how she ... Read More

The Treasures of One Strategy: Part 2

Mastering one marketing strategy is like mastering a relationship. It takes time and if you give it love, it loves you back. I tend to get greedy for all kinds of marketing vehicles. This is how the conversation goes in my head: "Ooh! I'll just take that marketing webinar series ... Read More

The Treasures of One Strategy: Part 1

Like me, you may have doubted that one marketing strategy is enough, that taking the time to master one thing means leaving business on the table. After all, there are so many shiny toys calling. I find this a daily struggle, which is why I had my own coach for ... Read More

The One Thing for 2019

Happy New Year! First! I'll be speaking at the gorgeous Village Works in Brookline for the 3rd time, and would love to see you there.  Sign up for my Marketing for People Who Don't Like Marketing talk. I recently read The One Thing by Gary Keller, a book about focusing your ... Read More

Fitness is Not Fun: Steady Presence Speaks the Truth

I get a newsletter from Spectrum Fitness, where I go for personal training. Spectrum, based in Beverly, MA, has been in business for 13 years and is expanding into Bedford, MA.  The owner, Mike Stare, trains physical therapists and personal trainers nationwide on therapeutic exercise for older adults, and much ... Read More

Who’s In Your Core Circle?

I would not have a business today without my core circle. There would be no Generosity Practice training and no Innate Marketing Genius types. When I say core circle, I mean a small number of people who know my business and know me, who are representative of my clients/prospects, and who ... Read More

Simple (Not Easy) Marketing

This past month, I have given talks at several large real estate offices in the North Shore of Massachusetts. In September, I will be giving the biggest talks of my career, including a college continuing education program and an entire corporate office park. Giving talks has been successful in growing ... Read More

Yet Another Newsletter to Write

Does writing a newsletter make you want to bite your hand off sometimes?  I get it.  Where to begin? What to say? Or if you have lots to say, how to focus and simplify? And if you’ve been doing it for a while, have you run out of content? Gah! ... Read More