Lynne Reznick: A Quiet Powerhouse of Marketing

It is tempting to shout to be heard, especially if you have lots of competition.  Lynne Reznick is a wedding photographer in Boston, MA who never shouts. I have always been impressed with Lynne’s marketing, including her Instagram feed, her targeted blog posts and photos, and her newsletter. She is ... Read More

Crushing it as a Steady Presence

Last year, I wanted to lose weight and get in better shape. I worked with Spectrum Fitness in Beverly MA - a place rooted in physical therapy, where everything is customizedto your health and strength-training needs. I lost 15 lbs and am stronger than I've ever been. Mike Stare owns ... Read More

Fitness is Not Fun: Steady Presence Speaks the Truth

I get a newsletter from Spectrum Fitness, where I go for personal training. Spectrum, based in Beverly, MA, has been in business for 13 years and is expanding into Bedford, MA.  The owner, Mike Stare, trains physical therapists and personal trainers nationwide on therapeutic exercise for older adults, and much ... Read More