The Ongoing Parties: A Lesson in Enjoying Your Marketing

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I recently had the pleasure of meeting with David and Arthur Martiroso of  DNA Realty, part of Keller Williams Andover, MA.  These top-selling brothers have so much fun with their real estate marketing, I had to find out more. Even successful agents wrestle with marketing. While much of their business is referral based, these gentlemen… continue reading »

Generosity Practice Before the Big Talk

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When I work with clients, the on-boarding process is the 30-Day Generosity Practice Mastery Program. This is a powerful daily 10-minute habit, the Generosity Practice, which prepares folks to rock their marketing.  Amanda, a millennial consultant who helps corporations retain their younger staff, describes below how this changed everything when speaking in front of 55 Fortune 500… continue reading »

Diagnose Your Innate Marketing Genius

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In 2015-2016, I led several worldwide field studies where people used the Generosity Practice, a powerful personal practice, for 30 days.  When I received the results, one thing was clear: Generosity Practice helped people do authentic marketing that they enjoyed. Not only that, but it brought them confidence to the negotiation table and led to more sales. So when… continue reading »

Time to Stop Pushing

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One of my long-term clients, a landscape architect, is based in a wealthy town in CT. Let’s call her Brenda. Brenda spends her days designing and implementing gorgeous landscapes in the back yards, front yards and side yards of Fairfield County, CT. She loves her work. However, Brenda’s natural tendency was to avoid outreach.  An… continue reading »

Hogwarts for Girls Marketing

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My marketing genius is opening people’s minds to new possibilities. Even before I realized this, it played out in a successful, profitable workshop series I created in 2002. I sang in a Grammy-nominated choral group in Berkeley, CA in the early 2000s, and one of my fellow sopranos had an 11-year old daughter, Eli.  Eli… continue reading »