Marketing for Health and Wellness Practitioners: A 4-Step Fail-Proof Plan

Bring the magic of your work into your marketing to consistently get clients - without being spammy or salesy. Whether you’re a health coach, personal trainer, mindfulness mentor, or energy worker, you help people get unstuck and feel great every day. Your job feels like pure magic! Until it comes ... Read More

The Fail-Safe Real Estate Marketing Plan

Get real estate clients by simplifying your approach and playing to your strengths Let’s say on any given day, one of your buyers loses their 9th deal. Then later, a new seller insists their home is worth 30% more than market rates, and you do your best to set their ... Read More

Rise Above Noise Interview

Susan Finn of Rise Above Noise marketing interviewed me about the Innate Marketing Genius types, and we had a great time with some Q&A at the end. Susan gives a great tip about email subject headers to begin, and then we dive into the types. Enjoy! ... Read More

Focusing Your Goodwill in a Crisis – Webinar Recording

So here we are at home, maybe the kids are on top of us, we’re eating more spaghetti than usual, and watching our toilet paper consumption.We want to help our clients and community in any way we can. So I'm offering a 1-hour fr#e webinar to help focus your good ... Read More

The Origins of Generosity Practice

It all started with my beautiful life in the San Francisco Bay Area in the early 2000s, where I had a great job, a dynamic spiritual community, and an ambitious choral group. My days were filled with helping tech companies understand their customers better, doing energy work so people could ... Read More

The 21 Things

In my work over the last 5 years teaching the Generosity Practice, I have identified 21 results form doing this practice. This from 10 minutes a day. You are energized. You cultivate a generosity towards yourself and others.  While you open up generously, you also calm down and ground yourself.You ... Read More

Passion is Not the Answer

When I talk to prospects, I sometimes hear this: "I want to have more passion in my marketing." or "It's so important to have passion in your work." or "Passion is so important." And I think to myself, "Nope." There's nothing wrong with having passion. But let's look at the ... Read More