Marketing as a Celebrator

Congratulations! You are a Celebrator. Below you will find out more about yourself and how to market as a Celebrator. When you stay true to your Innate Marketing Genius type, marketing is sustainable since 1. you are you, 2. you help others, and 3. they love it. Everybody wins.

Your Big Why (and What We Love about You)
You bring the good life to others.

It’s Important to You That…
Life is fun and beautiful for people.

It’s Easy for You to…
Bring the fun, flair, humor, and/or style
Enjoy things
Create ways people can enjoy themselves
Enjoy your work
Get creative
Make boring things more vital and interesting

You in a Nutshell:
You’re the one that brings the fun and flair. This comes easily for you and sometimes it feels frivolous, but if it brings the good life to your people, there is nothing better.

What you Might Not Realize:
You don’t need to prove your expertise.
People want your zest for life and generosity of spirit.
You have a particular flair as a Celebrator – fun, humor, design.
It’s a great idea to partner with colleagues in complimentary businesses for events. You bring a lot to the table.

Watch Out for:
Trying too hard to establish your expertise.
Thinking that events are too expensive. It’s where you shine the most in your community.
Avoiding the tough stuff in your business. Get help with this.
Being too unstructured because you think that’s what creative people do.

Oh, Celebrator! Your job as a marketer is to enjoy everything about your work, your people, and your subject matter and simply share that. Having fun is usually a good sign that you’re doing something right. Specifically, check out the Celebrator-Style Strategic Questions (pg. 3) to generate content. But in general,

Have as much fun as possible with your community related to your work.
Openly appreciate some aspect of your work.
Share your joy and flair with your audience.

Things Other Marketers Do that You Don’t Need to:
Make people feel comfortable
Prove your expertise
Wow people with new ideas
Be gung-ho motivational

Marketing Tactics
Host an over-the-top client appreciation event once a year and bring your celebrator mojo into the mix. What would make it a fun celebration for you? E.g. rent a movie theatre for a big movie opening, host a Thanksgiving pie celebration, rent a boat and have a lobster cruise.  Your clients will not stop raving about you.
An entertaining podcast on a business topic, preferably with two hosts who riffs off each other.
Post a photo of your happenings on Instagram – one per day.
Create a vibrant, funny video series educating your prospects about something they struggle with.
When you write an article, celebrate the successes and joy of a client.

A Brand that Embodies This:
Meetup, the community building organization, is a quintessential Celebrator brand. By bringing people together based on common interests, they bring the good life to their members. They do this with an easy-to-navigate website and affordable ways to host meetups. Their flair is baked into their core offering, since bringing people together is a celebrational offering. Community is how they bring the good life to people.

Practical Application: Newsletter
Use the Strategic Questions to create content (pg. 3).
Take an area that’s typically very boring and present it with flair.
Have events. Take photos. Feature these.
Plan an event and invite people.
Celebrate an aspect of your business. What is a cool thing we don’t know?
What is a way we could do something boring with more fun and flair?

Industry-Specific Application: Real Estate Agent Newsletter
Show how great it is to live in this area:
“The greatest thing about living in Boston is…”
“Check out the very cool hip things people are doing in their new apartment.”
“What great meal are the new buyers enjoying in their new neighborhood.”
“The real estate process presented with puppets…”
“The Top Five Reasons to Live in the Back Bay.” (all fun reasons)

Create Content with Strategic Questions for Celebrators:
What is fun about your work?

What is boring for your audience and how could you have fun with it?

What are fun things you’re doing in your life? How could you share that?

What is a special event you could create for prospects and clients? Note: something you would enjoy, not simply a cool thing to do.

What is a marketing piece that other professionals put out that is usually boring? How can you make it come alive?

Similarly, how could you infuse a key piece of marketing with your flair into it?

How can you celebrate others?