When a Celebrator Opens Up and Enjoys Life

Christina Frei Celebrators, Innate Marketing Genius, Marketing Genius

This is part of a series of case studies that highlight each Innate Marketing Genius in action. To discover all five Geniuses, go here for a Diagnostic Guide.

Chris brings the party every time he enters a room. His jolly demeanor is infectious and you could say that it makes him the perfect real estate agent and marketer. Based in Newton, MA, Chris lists properties all around the greater Boston area.  Yet he has struggled in his marketing, wanting to prove his expertise, wanting to be everything to everyone, and getting overwhelmed by all the marketing vehicles out there.  

It’s a beautiful fall day in Newton, MA, and Chris is driving a young couple around in his SUV on their way to another 3-bedroom home.  As a Celebrator, Chris is raving about the neighborhood and the general Boston area, waxing on about the Red Sox and the Museum of Fine Arts. The couple is eating this up, even though neither one of them is a baseball fan.  This is the power of a Celebrator.  When Celebrators open up and share their enthusiasm, people feel like they’re at a party.  Celebrators simply need to enjoy their work, their environment, and their community and things fall into place.

Chris has shared with me that he didn’t know how to stay on people’s radars for a long time. He has always wanted to be seen as a trusted resource, the go-to real estate professional in the Newton, MA area. Does that mean he should blast social media with expert articles?  Should he do Facebook regularly?  Should he focus on first-time homebuyer seminars?

I have not worked with Chris, but since he is one of the clearest models of Celebrators at their best, I felt compelled to feature him.  Through the years, Chris shared that his best strategies always help his prospects live a good life.  You can do this through any vehicle, but live events are the most powerful.  Celebrators are such natural community builders, they generate trust simply by opening the doors and letting people into their metaphorical party.

Chris has used the following strategies:

Star Wars in a Movie Theatre: Chris had a client appreciation party where he rented out a movie theatre that played Star Wars: The Force Awakens and bought the popcorn and drinks for everyone, all around Christmas. People are still raving about this event 2 years later, and you can believe it makes Chris stand out.

Pies and Company on Thanksgiving: Another marketing tactic that works beautifully for Chris is opening the doors to his own home, inviting his clients and friends to come pick up a Thanksgiving pie and chat at an open house style event. It’s not surprising that this is one of Chris’s favorite times of the year; sharing dessert is a very natural thing for him.  Folks get to step into the world of Chris, which is fun already, and then receive his generous dessert offering. This is easy to arrange, he loves having everyone over, and people appreciate the pie.

Something New: Neighborhood Pumpkins: This year, Chris is trying something new. He ordered 140 pumpkins and is leaving them on the doorstep of 140 homes in his area with a simple, classy card that reads, “Thanks for being a great neighbor” and his contact information.  How many real estate agents do that?  This is a Celebrator leaning into his community with his own celebrational stance on life. He’s bringing a little fun and festive flair to the Halloween season, and standing out as a real estate agent doing something a little different.

All three strategies show a Celebrator comfortable in his own skin leaning into what he does best and everybody wins.

What Chris Should Not Worry About:  Making sure his prospects feel comfortable and empowered (Nurturer), focusing heavily on a “go for it” attitude about getting a new home (Adventure Guide), show people new ways of doing real estate (Door Opener), or demonstrating the depth of his expertise too much (Steady Presence).

What Works Well Instead: Chris simply needs to enjoy his life, his work, and his community and then share that with his prospects in whatever way feels fun and natural to him.  When a Celebrator enjoys his own party, he is magnetic to people searching for a home or wanting to sell a home.

If you feel yourself to be a Celebrator, I’d like to talk to you about how you amplify this in your outreach.  Your marketing will get much easier and be more suited to your lifestyle.