Celebrators Just Wanna Have Fun

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“Woo hoo!” you holler as the grand ship crashes into another wave and a heavy spray of salt water hits you in the face. “What a day!” Even though the next wave might drag you into the Atlantic, you’ve never had this much fun.

Suddenly, you feel yourself being grabbed by the collar and brought into a quiet cabin.

You:     Marketing Fairy Godmother!  I’m really glad to see you. I’m finally getting the hang of this marketing thing.

MFG:   Really?

You:     Well, you know I’m a Celebrator, right?  The last few months I got off track, tried being everything to everyone.  Case in point, at a recent talk, I wasn’t owning my genius at all. I was trying to impress everyone with my expertise just like a Steady Presence, AND I was trying to make them feel comfortable like a Nurturer. It wasn’t working. People were fidgeting and bored.

But then I got back on track. I started discussing how much I enjoy my work, how much fun I had a recent industry convention, made some jokes. I even had audience members do some improv comedy exercises related to my topic. So fun!

When we finished, everyone stuck around chatting about the topic and ever since then, my phone has been ringing off the hook, metaphorically speaking.  People email me regularly to say thank you, to refer prospects and to talk to me about doing business. It’s incredible, especially since all I did was enjoy myself!  It’s still a little weird, since I’m used to suffering when it comes to marketing.

MFG:   My dear, it appears you have embraced your genius fully.

You:     Oh, I wish every business owner could find out about this.

MFG:   You have truly shown how amazing things can happen when you own your genius. Well done.

You:     Thank you so much, Marketing Fairy Godmother. I couldn’t have done it without you.

MFG:   Well, this was a pleasant change. You’re my first non-rescue in months.

You:     Yes, and this time, I have the treats.  [brings out a mountain of pink colored scones and  a dainty pot of tea up to the deck. The sea has calmed down a bit. ]

MFG:   Ah. Strawberry scones? [spreads out a checkered table cloth on the deck]

You:     Exactly. With a little extra vanilla flavor.  And pu-ehr tea. My great uncle sent me a big stash of it from China.

MFG:   Oh my! I haven’t had this since Justin Timberlake was in his little boy band. Lovely!

[tea is poured. Scones are served. Smiles are worn]

Marketing that works takes work. But you don’t have to suffer for it. Get on board with your Innate Marketing Genius and watch what happens. 

Let’s talk about this.