Connecting Connecting Connecting

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Marketing is all about connecting with people.  And connecting should be fun. I personally enjoy meeting with people one on one. This feels generous and expansive to me.

So I talk to new people every day. I connect with them, and sometimes I connect them with each other.  Often this turns into new business and it’s so fun to see how it plays out. Sheer joy.

Recently, a colleague referred an interior designer to me. The designer needed a general marketing strategy, a straight-forward web re-design, and an affordable way to do social media.  It was perfect timing.

First, I am a marketing strategist, second, I know a fabulous SquareSpace designer through networking, and third, I had just spoken with a woman in Dallas who offers U.S.-Based social media for $99/month.  I could help her on all three levels. When the designer heard this, she signed up to work with me in a session that will uncover her marketing genius. We are also talking about how she can connect with these other professionals.

So now 3 people will get business out of this one referral. Yes! That’s what I’m talking about.

When you determine your natural way of connecting, you can meet all kinds of people who are up to really cool things. Sometimes they become your client. Sometimes they’re just great people to know.

Just Last Week, I Met:

  • A former New England Patriot who is now a personal injury attorney.
  • A TV Producer in New Hampshire who produces an uplifting interview show.
  • A forward-thinking pastor who started a church in Stoneham, MA.
  • A jewelry designer who is a gifted intuitive and who sells pieces that cost $500,000. She is featured in Marie Claire and will be part of Paris’ Fashion Week shortly.
  • A videographer who’s been in multiple death metal bands.

Each of these conversations have opened up new possibilities and perspectives for me. Yes!

Each business owner has a natural way to connect, which allows them to have as much fun as I do and meet the right people who move their business forward.  When you really explore the joy of connecting, magic happens! But it needs to be your true marketing genius that you’re accessing.

Your turn! Let’s connect. Hey, you never know where it might lead.