Connecting to All of Life is Overwhelming

Christina Frei

Do you ever feel that connecting to all of life is too much? Or that you’re offering things out, but it doesn’t quite seem to go anywhere or make a difference?

Connecting with all of life deserves some loving attention, because once you connect, you can give it lovely things. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

You can’t fake feeling connected to all of life and no one wants you to.

I recently taught someone the practice who meditates regularly and teaches yoga. She has an altar in her home.

When I asked her to ponder how she’d like to connect to all of life, she decided on a trail between two mountaintops, a place she knows well. It felt right to her, a beautiful, expansive, majestic place.

But when she started giving things out, she didn’t feel connected to all of life. Not at all.

Hm….what was going on?

So she breathed and felt into the possibilities. Was there somewhere else where she felt truly connected to all of life? Immediately, it came to her. Her own altar at home. At her altar, it was much easier for her to offer things and feel like they were going to all of life. Yes! So she gave things out and it worked. Even though the mountaintops were gorgeous, the altar was what worked.

How do you connect to all of life? Maybe connecting with one person gives you that feeling. Maybe running gives you that feeling. Or lying on a surfboard on the ocean. Or just breathing deeply.

Do what you need to do to make it real for yourself, even if that means trying something weird for a while. You never know. Let yourself explore. Giving out things to a pile of brown leaves or sitting on top of an elephant might just do it for you.

Enjoy your exploration.

All of Life Comment from Teresa Healy:

One last comment is that on the GP call- it really helped when someone said connecting to all of life was just connecting to source for them. That concept has been easier for me to grasp, and it feels more genuine in my practice.

From the Video:

This is personal to you. If you have a prayer practice, meditation, maybe it’s the feeling when you do that.

It could be a feeling instead of a visual.

I suggest visuals.

You make the decision that all of life has the intelligence to take it exactly where it needs to go.