Dana Magnus – What is a B Corporation?

Christina Frei

I love finding people who are masters of certain vehicles. Instagram. Email newsletters. Websites. I collect them as reference points for my work.  If you are obsessed with someone on a channel, let me know and I’ll likely add them to my list. !

Dana Magnus is a diva on Instagram, and I started out wanting to hear about that on my Marketing for Humans podcast. But there was a much deeper story – the B Corporation. What is that? Companies all over the world are getting certified to show they are green, humane, and overall beneficial to the world. It’s a thing. And Dana knows all about it, because she’s on the journey to becoming one, even as a company of one.

A creative brand strategist in the Chicago area, Dana Magnus is a Zero Waste Advocate and someone on a B Corp Journey.  Dana helps businesses find their mission, and then creates mission-driven marketing.  Dana is also a photographer, so her Instagram feed is gorgeous. In this episode, we’ll hear from Dana about her journey to become a B Corporation, what that all means, and how it’s impacting her business.

Episode 15: Dana Magnus – What is a B Corporation?