Diagnose Your Innate Marketing Genius

Christina Frei Level 4 Practice, Marketing Genius, The Benefits

In 2015-2016, I led several worldwide field studies where people used the Generosity Practice, a powerful personal practice, for 30 days.  When I received the results, one thing was clear: Generosity Practice helped people do authentic marketing that they enjoyed. Not only that, but it brought them confidence to the negotiation table and led to more sales.

So when I moved to Boston in 2016, I expanded my Generosity Practice work to include Marketing Strategy sessions with all kinds of amazing entrepreneurs. This meant coaching them through Level 4 of the Generosity Practice, a more advanced and profound level of the GP work. Through that, I discovered their Innate Marketing Genius.

Once a client had taken that journey and their genius was revealed, their marketing strategy just flowed from there.

From that work, I was able to isolate five distinct types of marketing geniuses.That discovery has transformed my work and it resonates with entrepreneurs in a profound way.  Whenever I have presented these categories to business owners all over New England and online, they can’t stop discussing which type of genius they are. It brings them to life.

I present to you the Five Categories of Genius:

  1. Nurturer
  2. Adventure Guide
  3. Door Opener
  4. Steady Presence
  5. Celebrator

Which one are you? Go here to get the Innate Marketing Genius Diagnostic Guide, my gift to you. It details each genius and makes it easy for you to determine which one is your key one.

Then you can click on the link at the bottom of the page for an video introduction to your genius and some marketing directions.  Welcome to your Innate Marketing Genius!

A little secret here…people often resonate with more than one Innate Marketing Genius. As you well know, not everyone fits into a nice neat box! But my work has repeatedly shown that there is always one that is the underlying motivation for everything.  Acknowledging this is the key to sanity and simplicity.

Here is the link again to your Innate Marketing Genius Diagnostic Guide.