Diane Meehan – How Pepperlane is Growing Organically and Exponentially

Christina Frei

And now for a strong Nurturer marketer. A Nurturer is the Innate Marketing Genius type that leans in and makes things safe for others to thrive. 

Diane Meehan is the Director of Business Development at Pepperlane, an organization that helps moms build their businesses.  I  have been struck by their organic growth, where they went from 10 meetings a month in 2018 to 35 meetings a month in October 2019. They do things differently, building connections organically and helping moms succeed in their endeavors. I wanted to interview Diane to hear about the Pepperlane mojo. How is it they have grown so organically and successfully?  

And how do they lean in and make things safe for their audience, a quintessential Nurturer trait? 

Listen to this week’s Marketing for Humans episode for the answers: 
Diane Meehan: How Pepperlane is Growing Organically and Exponentially

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