Do You Have a Marketing Hub?

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Above: Grand Central Station, a well-known hub


A large rodent is baring his teeth as you lie staring up at ominous clouds. You make gurgling sounds and whisper, “Facebook ads, Facebook ads….”  All seems lost.

Just as the rodent is about to bite into you, a flash of pink and gold appears. 

MFG:   Oh no, we will have none of that. [grabs the rodent by the tail and flings it into a nearby gorge.]

You:     [blinking] What? How?

MFG:   No matter, my dear. You needed that shoulder. Now tell your Marketing Fairy Godmother what the trouble is. And for heaven’s sake, let’s sit on this clean rock over here.

You:     [rising and shaking the dirt off your jeans] Oh, Marketing Fairy Godmother, I have been recording notes about my true value to clients, I have listened to my Innate Marketing Genius, but sometimes I still feel like I’m chasing down large mammals. There are at least seven different ways I market my business and it’s too much!

MFG:   Yes, I can see that. Well, I have an answer for you. Here, wipe your face with this. [hands over a lavender scented towel and you wipe dirt off your face].  Have you ever heard of a marketing hub?

You:     Uh….

MFG:   Right. Well, it’s when you do one central marketing activity that generates content and meaningful contact. So much so that your other vehicles become easy.

You:     Okayyyy. Er….

MFG:   For example, you decide to write one in-depth article each month, using an editorial calendar (your yearly plan for articles).  You research these articles, use experiences from clients, get it edited by your Marketing Fairy Godmother, and create in-depth beautiful pieces of content. From these articles comes soundbites for social media, material for a newsletter, content for different talks, and something to submit to publications.  Your blood, sweat, and tears go into one thing and everything else flows from that.

You:     Oh, I see. Hm…

MFG:   Another example is giving talks.  If you create the talks and book them, you now have something to discuss on social media and in your newsletter, you can invite your current clients (which might impress them greatly), you can invite past clients to it (allowing you to re-inspire them to hire you again), you let your entire community know you’re up to something nifty, and chances are, you will have feedback from your audiences that keeps your content fresh.  Your talk will already be a strong vehicle to sell your services or products.  However, it has many other consequences and uses.  Honestly, you could even post it as a webinar or even podcast.

Do you see how this works?

You:     [A sun ray alights on your face] I do. I love this. [A very cute panda bear crawls over to you, sits on your lap]  For me, I love having fun events. That should work similarly to talks, right?

MFG:   Absolutely. Especially since you’re a Celebrator (Innate Marketing Genius type). People will frolic at your events and most likely buy things. In fact, I expect to be on the invite list.

You:     You’ll be the first to know.

MFG:   Scone? [hands a scone to you]

You:     [sniffing] Is that coffee hazelnut flavor?  That smells divine.

MFG:   I try, my dear. I try.

If you’d like to create your own marketing hub, with or without a panda bear, let’s talk.