What if They Don’t Have Enough Money?

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“Everybody wins” is a nice idea. A really nice idea. One of my favorites.

But if a prospective client doesn’t have enough money to hire you, what happens then?

You need to get paid what you’re worth.  I’m going to step a bit into sales for a moment here. (Hey, sales really is an arm of marketing, right?)

Holly is a Boston-based communications consultant who recently bid on a sizable project to train the leadership team of a non-profit.  Up front about her fees, Holly soon received an email stating that they couldn’t pay her full fee.  They openly admitted they preferred her over several others who had bid lower, but they wanted her.   At this point, she could have either given in (lowered her fee to match the other bids) or turned the business down. She had no intention of doing either.

Instead, she replied to the email, “We are both smart people. I’m sure we can make this work for both of us.” Holly then went on their website to see some of the non-profit’s donors, a handful of which could be high-quality referrals for Holly’s business.  Normally, getting entry to these places would take months, but this non-profit could make it happen instantly.

On their next phone call, Holly simply requested a warm introduction to key people at those donors, including Vice Presidents at several banks. This would be well worth her forfeiting a bit of her fee. The executive was happy to open these doors for her, and appreciated Holly’s professionalism in maintaining her value.

They signed the contract and work is scheduled to start shortly. Boom.

What happened here? Holly had a strong intention of “everybody wins,” reflected in her email to them.  She acted on that intention by researching how she could benefit, and found something substantive. The prospect’s lack of funds did not stop her.

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