When You Don’t Get the Sale

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Recently, I was coaching Amanda, an expert in helping businesses inspire and retain their millennial talent. She was struggling to connect with a prospective client. Amanda had all the answers for them, but nothing was moving forward. And a lot of money was on the table. She wanted to make this work.

Amanda is a high-energy, type-A gal who just wants things to get things done. Even though she’s used the Generosity Practice in her daily life for a while, she was hitting a wall with this particular prospect.

Honestly, what do you do when you know you can help a prospect and they’re sitting on their hands? 

It was time for a special session – a High Commitment Client Master Session – with me.

I have been quietly offering these sessions to my clients for a couple months.  In these sessions, my clients take full ownership of a client/prospect relationship and create it the way they want, without controlling anyone. That’s the artistry of these sessions. They reveal possibilities for enriching a client relationship and even a prospect relationship, all of which means higher commitment and more money.

In our session, Amanda made an important decision – she wanted overall tone of the relationship to be one of reassurance, calm, and steadiness.

As I guided her through the Generosity Practice process, Amanda realized that these prospects were totally stressed out and incapable of making a decision. What she needed to do was to be the laser-strong, reassuring presence for them, whatever happened with their contract. This awareness opened up an action plan for her. She would talk to the main contact with no agenda, to simply see how they were doing. Also, she would create some intentions on behalf of the prospect and their overall well-being.

Two days later, she spoke with her main contact.  Another company was purchasing them and everything was up in the air. They were not going to hire her at this time.


Typically, Amanda would throw up her hands and say, “This is a failure. I suck. This is personal. I’ll never make it with this business.” She was losing out on a big check.  It would be completely understandable to sulk for a week.

Instead, Amanda listened respectfully to the prospect, asked some thoughtful questions, offered her understanding, and wished them well. The prospect ended up thanking Amanda profusely and saying they would definitely hire her when they were ready, since she had been a helpful resource to them.

Amanda hardly recognized herself.  How could she be so calm? But she was.

She expressed to me that she was completely fine with their decision. “What else could they do?” she asked. She was seeing the bigger picture, thanks to the Generosity Practice work, even though she still needs to make a living and respect her bottom line. She has gained the prospect’s trust, which may eventually create a long-term, high-commitment client.

Plus, Amanda is wasting no time moving onto other prospects. Next!