Door Opener: Blowing People’s Minds Without Giving Them a Headache

Christina Frei Door Openers, Innate Marketing Genius, Marketing Genius

This is part of a series of case studies that highlight each Innate Marketing Genius in action. To discover all five Geniuses, go here for a Diagnostic Guide.

As a digital marketer, you would think Daniel would need to be all things to his prospects and clients.  After all, this work spans the gamut – social media, SEO, Facebook ads, webinars, email marketing, sales funnel creator, among other areas.  In his marketing, this could easily lead to fragmentation and exhaustion, with 50 different efforts at once, the message growing mechanical and diluted. But when he follows his Innate Marketing Genius, people listen to him. Otherwise … (cue the sound of a delete button being clicked.)

Daniel looks out over Copley Plaza from his office in downtown Boston as he crafts digital marketing strategies for dental and medical boutiques.  He now has almost more clients than he can sustain, and it’s no wonder.  He has followed a powerful marketing strategy that aligns with his Innate Marketing Genius.  Daniel is a Door Opener, which means his mission is to open up new perspectives for people. He blows people’s minds open, loves doing it, and really changes people’s lives in the process.

This was not always the case.  A few years back, his prospects didn’t understand him and what he had to offer; he had to work much harder at sales. Daniel was not getting the referrals he wanted from his business networking group.

Door Openers are the quintessential TED talk presenters. They love showing new possibilities. Their challenge is to check in with their audience and make sure they are understood.  This can take time and persistence because you have to check in and accept the answers you don’t like.

It’s also key for a Door Opener to offer ways to try their stuff, ideally for free.  Online service companies often give free trials because they are opening a door to a new way of doing something, and their prospects have to try it on before buying.

But Door Openers can give people headaches when they present idea after idea without showing those ideas in action. They need to present results, and allow folks to try the new stuff for themselves.

Since I’ve started working with him, Daniel has refined his marketing to match his Innate Marketing Genius and he’s signing a higher percentage of clients. To do this, Daniel has followed two key strategies.

First strategy: Daniel created a matrix of potential clients, choosing five industries and three job descriptions within those industries. The matrix has been his set of marching orders: people to target for his own digital marketing business. When he meets with his prospects, he shows them this matrix and they immediately see the potential for themselves. All they need to do is to target the industries and job descriptions and Daniel will find them with his digital marketing smarts.  He blows their minds with the potential and closes the business.

Second strategy: Daniel and his team have studied Facebook ad strategies over the last couple months, and with their new knowledge, have recently started offering prospects 7 days of free Facebook ad strategy.  People hear that and they usually say “yes, please,” even though Facebook advertising never holds any guarantees.  Daniel has so many clients that he now has to scale his business to meet the needs.  This is another Door Opener strategy – the free offer to try something a little different. Clearly people are game because they are signing up.

What Daniel shouldn’t worry about: assuring his prospects that digital marketing will relieve their pain points (Nurturer), talking about the adventures / successes they can have in their business (Adventure Guide), reminding them he has their back and has all the resources they need (Steady Presence), or focusing on how hip and cool and design-focused everything will be (Celebrator).

What Daniel can do as a Door Opener: open up a new possibility, show past results, and give prospects a low-risk experience of it.  For Door Openers, this is a slam dunk strategy. Swoosh.

Do you love introducing new ideas that help people? Let’s talk about how you could bring this into your marketing, so you can get more ideal clients.