Marketing as a Door Opener

Congratulations! You are a Door Opener. Below you will find out more about yourself and how to market as a Door Opener. When you stay true to your Innate Marketing Genius type, marketing is sustainable 1. you are you, 2. you help others, and 3. they love it. Everybody wins.

Your Big Why (and What We Love about You)
You open up new worlds of perception for others.

It’s Important to You That…
People stay open to a new way of looking at things.

It’s Easy for You to…
Explore innovative and uncomfortable perspectives.
Blow people’s minds.
Constantly be learning.
Start new things.

You in a Nutshell:
You need to be doing TED Talks all the time, since your favorite thing in life is presenting a new idea. In fact, Chris Anderson’s Ted Talks: The TED Guide to Public Speaking is your bible, since it presents many frameworks of presenting a new idea. Your challenge is not creating content – it’s narrowing it down. Leonardo da Vinci is the embodiment of your genius, with his curiosity and bold willingness to look at things in new ways in service to others.

What you Might Not Realize:
It takes time and trust for people to adopt new ways of looking at things.
You unsettle people at times. Take it slow. Make it simple.
People see you as courageous.
Some people are exhausted by and resistant to new ideas (see the entire history of science).

Watch Out for:
Overwhelming people with too many ideas, too many answers, too much information.
Pride in your ideas before they connect with humans. (What do actual humans think of it?)
Not seeing that people learn in different ways and at different paces.

We look to you to open up new worlds for us, specifically worlds of perception. What is a new way of looking at something? How can you present in a way we can truly understand? Specifically, check out the Door Opener-Style Strategic Questions (pg. 3) to focus your content. But in general,

Introduce your new idea
Give examples
Offer a low-risk way for people to try it

Things Other Marketers Do that You Don’t Need to:
Prove your expertise
Show lots of flash, flair, and style
Wow people with new ideas
Be gung-ho motivational

Marketing Tactics:
Take a common topic / problem and write about it from a fresh perspective (blow their minds.)
Share your new findings – in a talk, a webinar, an article – from your work.
Create a video series addressing what the future holds, what is possible.
Get published in cutting edge publications.
Develop a cool app that would be helpful to prospects.
Have a booth at a cutting-edge trade show.
Do a TEDx talk.

Door Opener Brand:
WeWork, the world-wide co-working real estate company. Co-working is a Door Opener industry, since they do real estate differently. WeWork dominates this space. Rather than only renting out offices, they offer membership models, community events, and design-rich spaces. WeWork brings people in with simple membership plans that makes it easy to say yes.

Practical Application: Newsletter
Your Exploration: Tell the story about how you got to the idea.
Results: Tell a success story of how someone used this stuff.
Discuss misconceptions about your things.
What you don’t know about….
Controversial big questions
How the new idea / service will change how people do things.

Industry-Specific Application: Real Estate Agent Newsletter
The easiest way to shine is to address misconceptions:
“Most people think it’s best to sell your home before you buy another one – this is not true.”
“One big misconception of the Boston marketplace is that sellers have all the power – this isn’t always true.”
“How sellers waste money on real estate agents.”

Create Content with Strategic Questions for Door Openers:
What are your people struggling with?

What is the one idea or perspective you’d like to present? How can you show this idea in an even more accessible way?

What is your favorite TED Talk? How could you present your idea in a similar way?