The Enlightenment of a Financial Planner

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I recently connected with a financial planner (let’s call him Jared), who loves the three stages of personal evolvement I speak about regularly in my blog.  As we sat at his office outside of Boston, we looked at what his business and personal life would look like in each of these stages, a fun exploration. Each stage has its own energy level, its own attitude, its own results.  Jared finds himself often in Stage 3, but would like to be there more often.  What would it look like to be in Stage 3 more regularly?  This is what I extrapolated from our conversation.

Stage 1: Productive Robot

In this stage, Jared meets with couples, divorced folks, and solo professionals regularly, and gives them great financial advice. Their portfolios increase steadily. They fund their kids’ college education. Things are looking good from the outside.

However, his marketing is standard stuff: re-posting expert articles from Fortune magazine, hosting steak dinners for prospects, giving informative talks. These efforts are well-intentioned but don’t represent Jared real value.  And it doesn’t lead to the type of client he’s looking for.

Most days Jared feels exhausted when work is done. Some of his clients call way too often, especially when the market is down. He enjoys going home to his family, but he finds himself crashing on the couch more often than not.

Stage 2: Personal Sanctuary

In Stage 2, Jared pauses and gets to know himself. He hires a holistic business coach his sister recommends. Now he’s doing daily breathing exercises, getting massages, and doing some meditative introspection.  As he slows down a bit, he feels much more energized when he starts work.

When he has to talk a client off the ceiling during a market downturn, Jared has a way to deal with his own stress.  With his office door closed, he takes lunch with a calming guided meditation, so he is ready for his next meeting by 1:15.

Even though he feels better, he’s not a big fan of marketing.  The more authentic he becomes, the more obvious it becomes that his current marketing doesn’t represent him. But he doesn’t know how to change it.

When things get stressful, life starts feeling like a big dichotomy: me-time vs. everyone else-time. And even when Jared does his inner sanctuary work, it wears off in a couple hours.

So now what?

Stage 3: Everybody Wins

It’s easy to get stuck at Stage 2, to feel like “this is it.” Or to think you have to do more, work harder, put in extra hours. But that’s not the only way, and the alternative is awesome (seriously!).

You can align your personal sanctuary (personal power, contentment, ease) with how you benefit others. Take that in for a moment. Wouldn’t that keep you going and going and going? It means everybody wins.

So here’s what happens. Jared starts doing the Generosity Practice with his morning latte, deciding on a deep, archetypal level what kind of contribution he will be that day. After ten minutes, he feels energized, creative, helpful, and ready to connect with everyone in his life.

Now when Jared starts the day, he is on fire to help his clients. Whatever their challenges are, he kindly offers them his expertise and neutrally says “no” when a healthy boundary is in order. He’s got nothing to prove. Even after speaking with a demanding client, he feels charged up because he has the wisdom to say no when he needs to, since it’s not up to him to solve every single problem they have.  He is more productive than when he was a productive robot.

And his marketing? Now Jared knows exactly how he wants to help his prospects and can create a marketing strategy from that place. He is so tapped into his clients’ challenges that he writes insightful articles about how to navigate these challenges, he changes his talks so they are filled with real stories, and even holds free webinars for his clients and his prospects where they get to meet each other and address different investment approaches.  He loves doing this, he’s good at it, everybody wins. This brings in clients who truly appreciate the real Jared and all he does for them.

All of my clients start with the 30-Day Generosity Practice Mastery Program before we work together. This is the key to turbo-charging your marketing. It gets you to Stage 3 quickly to unlock your Innate Marketing Genius and Strategy.

Where are you in these Stages? I’d love to hear.

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