Everybody Wins

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Are you used to feeling like everybody wins or is that weird?  Like when you have that great client, you enjoy working with them, you believe in their mission, you do better work for them —  i.e. everybody wins? Or you’re at a great party, and the vibe just flows and everybody wins?  As in, everyone gets what they need and want, there’s a contentment that’s hard to describe, and it feels like anything is possible?

As a Generosity Practice coach, I have this feeling in my bones on a regular basis, since that’s what a regular GP practice brings.  It’s the best thing ever. But I’ve been interviewing top transformational leaders, and even for them this experience can be elusive. I thought these stories would spew out of them, but that hasn’t been the case.

So here’s one of the rare stories of everybody-wins-style generosity. I was interviewing Jennifer Love, a business coach in Manhattan who helps women get firm financial footing for their businesses, when she shared this story.

In 2013, Jennifer signed up to sponsor the She Summit, a women’s empowerment conference in NYC offered by Claudia Chan.  Jennifer had secured a vendor table for her chocolate company, but something inspired Jennifer to reach out to Claudia and ask her if she needed anything. Putting on a conference can mean many moving parts. Claudia said everything was fine except for one thing: there weren’t enough food vendors.  As the owner of a chocolate business, Jennifer had the contacts in this arena. A few phone calls later, Claudia had the vendors she needed in time for the conference opening. Jennifer also arranged for a Bloomberg TV personality to show up too, which Claudia appreciated.

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Over the years, Jennifer and Claudia became friends.  Claudia has opened all kinds of doors for Jennifer, no strings attached. Not only was Jennifer invited to be a keynote conference speaker, but she met her “soul family,” including her abundance partner, a business partner, and a few others.  Her initial generosity came back to her many times over.

First, Jennifer loved helping Claudia; it was easy for her and she believed in what Claudia was doing. Claudia loved receiving the help. Later, Jennifer enjoyed all kinds of welcome opportunities, which Claudia probably loved bestowing. Everybody wins.

This is what I want for you to experience as the leader of your business all the time.

That’s Generosity Practice.

So tell me about your mission, and let’s move you forward.