Generosity Practice Coaching

This is a laser-focused version of GP that you can apply  to any area of your work and life. It requires a coach. This is a 6-step process I use with marketing clients, where they are challenged to define what they want and then link it to offering and being in service.  It’s magical and I use it with marketing clients to discover their One Voice. 

Life Areas

  • Career
  • Money
  • Relationships
  • School
  • Spiritual Path
  • Friends/Community
  • Health
  • Rest/Fun
  • Self-Worth / Self-Trust
  • Creative Endeavors

If you want to try it out on a client challenge, a relationship challenge, a work challenge, or anything else, I have create a self-guided version of it for you to try. 

Results After a Session on Money:

Soooo, this has been a super weird crazy month. Since we did our coaching here’s what’s happened…

  • I was approached about doing a school workshop. Organiser asked me how much I would charge. I told him. He came back with a counter figure – three times more than what I had asked for.
  • met with a young girl about tutoring. I quoted for 45 mins. She booked me for an hour and a half ongoing
  • Have people already signed up for a workshop I’m doing in two weeks, plus a booking for a workshop I haven’t even advertised for yet.
  • Have a theatre booking locked in in Sept for my Romeo and Juliet thing.
  • Was approached about doing a collaboration with another theatre company

As an aside – my daughter picked up a week of dog sitting, some tutoring and some possible translation work.

Sooooo much goodness happening. Really glad we talked at the beginning of the month. Feel like it got shoved everything in a very good direction.

Fiona Leonard, Freelance Writer

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