A Generous Business: Sandra Sergeant

Christina Frei Generous Businesses

Have you ever met someone that handles stress like she’s frosting a cake?

That’s Sandra Sergeant, the owner of Connecticut Caring Solutions, a home care company and the 8th largest woman-owned business in Connecticut. I’ve known her since 2012, and watched her grow her business and produce two national conferences at Mohegan Sun.  Providing home care services has its own stresses, with clients frantic that their parents suddenly can’t function without help. Assuring these families is what Sergeant does best.

Trained as a nurse, Sergeant found her calling when she discovered the home care nursing specialty. She simply enjoyed providing this kind of help.

While a home care nurse, Sergeant knew she wanted to start her own business in the field.  Soon, Sergeant met the director of Visiting Nurses Association (VNA) in Enfield and Sergeant asked her what she needed. The answer: Nurse’s aides.

Sergeant hired 10 aides for the VNA, and there were deployed immediately.  Her business was born. The VNA director gave Sergeant advice on how to keep growing her business.

Every step of the way, there were experts helping Sergeant grow her business.  When she needed to get smarter about finances, a CFO consultant offered to help, visiting every week from Cape Cod. He helped Sergeant become more than just a nurse. Thanks to him and others, Sergeant started charging appropriately for her services, creating contracts that worked for everyone involved, and demanding respect from her clients. In many heart-centered businesses, it’s easy to give your services and not expect payment. Sergeant learned quickly that this didn’t work.

Sergeant’s generosity comes from her total commitment to good service.In the beginning, if a home care aide didn’t show up, Sergeant would go herself to help the client. This happened often in the beginning, but she stuck with it.  She loved what she was doing, and her clients knew it.  It’s no wonder she owns the 8th largest woman-owned business in the state.