I Need to Grow My Audience

Christina Frei Generosity Practice, Generous Marketing

“I need to grow my audience.”

This seemingly innocent statement creates agony for some marketers.   It can cause mild or not-so-mild desperation, which can lead to marketing greed where you’ll try anything. And this leads to mountains of what I like to call marketing douche-baggery – desperate Facebook ads begging you to click, mechanical sales funnels, and more.  When you see enough of this, whether as marketer or the “audience,” you become cynical about marketing as a whole. No wonder you’re disgusted when you finally sit down to do some actual marketing plans. 

What to do?

The first thing is to be OK with your resistance.   Marketing has pitfalls. It can be painfully long game.  Great. Fine.

After you had a nice glum moment to wallow, it’s time to build a muscle, but not your quads or your traps. It’s your muscle of having fun, specifically having fun when you’re helping others. Did you see that coming?  This is not a fake posture of generosity.  I’m talking about a refined, intentional generosity where you are “all in” and enjoying life. Is this a nice mission statement for you or is it the deep way you operate?  You don’t need to go out and give out lollipops to children at the local 7-Eleven. You can build this muscle internally through a mindset practice called the Generosity Practice, which takes 10 minutes a day.

Here’s what changes when you do “reps” on this:  you step out of “I need to grow my audience,” and into “I love helping people. How can I really make a difference?”  And that infuses every sentence you craft, which changes the game. People can tell if you’re grabbing, even over an email or the edge of the Facebook feed. People can also tell when you actually want to help and know how to do it.

You’re also getting authentic, the holy grail of marketing. It’s one thing to talk about authenticity. But how do you transition from phoned-in messaging to something with relevance, value, and even gravitas? You keep building that muscle of inner generosity, because now it’s about truly enjoying making a difference in someone’s life with your outreach.

This is the first thing people do when they work with me: spend a regenerating month of deciding how to be generous – a decision they make every day.

If you are tired of the douche-baggery (!) and wonder how to create marketing that changes people, let’s talk.  I meet with people to review what’s working and what’s not working in their marketing, and recommend a path forward. These are complimentary 45-minute Marketing Discovery sessions. Want one?