If Only I Could Be Myself While Selling Something

Christina Frei Generosity Practice, Sales Process, The Benefits

At one point, I had no income coming in as a freelance writer and project manager.

When you work for yourself, it happens, right? Typically, I start panicking and make bad decisions. But that had to change. I didn’t want to be that desperate person begging for work, taking any work people offered.

Instead, I used a focusing tool to turn this around.  It was simple yet profound, and I no longer felt like a sad burden (which is my least favorite feeling, right up there with being eaten by a large rodent). This tool made me feel like I was having a satisfying impact even before I knew what work was next.

This tool, the Generosity Practice, is artistic and profound, yet it had a very real financial impact on my life as an entrepreneur. Within a month, I had 3 lucrative contracts.  Not only did they pay well, but they felt like sacred work to me. While doing the work, there were moments when I had to stop and ask myself, “Can it be this easy?” and “Is this level of satisfaction even allowed?”

There were ups and down, of course. But the work was some of the most enjoyable and meaningful I’ve ever experienced, including ghost writing, coaching a troubled teen in his writing, and project managing for a dynamic, brilliant entrepreneur.

When I look back, I realize that the sales process was the key change. I needed the money, and I could have frantically called 50 people and pursued any projects they had for me.  Or I could have imploded and down-levelled my job description just to get work. But with the Generosity Practice, I had an inner knowing to call 3 specific people.  All 3 of them had work for me.

Not only that, but at the negotiation table with big money at stake, I could listen attentively for what they really needed.  This allowed me to confidently propose projects and ask for the appropriate compensation –  and I got it.  Sometimes, it’s not always obvious what to charge since I customize my projects for each client, but using GP helped me clarify that.

The most powerful result was that I felt like I was making an important difference in people’s lives, like I was a contribution to their success well before anyone hired me. This completely changed how I show up for these conversations.

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