King Arthur and Marketing

Christina Frei

I know a few things about you. (Way to sound creepy, Christina).

For instance, you stand for a more compassionate world, specifically for your clients. You know that kindness is always the answer but that kindness takes many forms (and might not always look kind to everyone).

Yup. That’s you. Kind and wise.

I also know that when you contemplate getting out there to market your work, there is ambivalence.

What? How could that be? You’re so passionate. So gifted.

So let’s talk about the film, King Arthur: The Legend of the Sword.  There’s a quote from it that I loved.  Referring to Arthur before he was king, the mage observed, “If you want him to think big, give him something big to think about.”  For Arthur, that meant facing all his demons. It wasn’t pretty, but Arthur grew about ten feet in the process.

Growing your business is something big to think about. It asks much of you. Maybe sometimes it brings you to your knees. That’s what transformation and growth does.

When you discover your Innate Marketing Genius, it’s not the end of your marketing challenges. It’s the beginning of the real challenges of standing for who you really are and the work you do. It’s a hero’s journey. We need you to lean in that way. It’s world-changing.

Do you have the support you need for this forward movement?

I want you to have a firm foundation so you can blossom into your true potential with your business.

So let me know if you want to talk about it.

Here’s where you start.