Magically Narrow Down Your Content

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A wave crashes down near the rock you are perched on. You wince. It’s one of those days, where huddling on a rock on a cold rainy day seems waaaayyy better than doing the work you’re avoiding. 

You look down at the waves and sigh…loudly.

MFG:   Oh dear, that is quite a sigh.

You:     Marketing Fairy Godmother! Always good to see you. And can I just say I love the purple butterfly on your hat.

MFG:   Why, thank you. What seems to be the trouble today?

You:     Trouble? What makes you think there’s any trouble?

MFG:   Well, you know, the rock and the rain…

You:     Oh, well, I have collected so much data about my work, my clients, my prospects in my handy notebook here, thanks to your advice last week.  But now I’m not sure what to do with it.

MFG:   What a delightful problem to have, pet.  You are now ready for the next step: your Innate Marketing Genius. Since you have put in an honest effort of gathering data, allow me to give a refinement that will help everything fall into place.

You:     Sounds intriguing. I actually have an Innate Marketing Genius?

MFG:   Indeed.  I shall administer a test right now and we shall see what category you are in.  Perhaps if you could just climb down off that rock for a moment.

Hushed discussion ensues.

MFG:   Ah…you are a Door Opener.  You open up new worlds for your audience, that is…a new way of looking at things.

You:     That’s totally me! I could do that all day long.  Thank you. [glancing over your shoulder as you notice the skies are beginning to clear and the sun is coming out] But how does that apply to my marketing then?

MFG:   As a Door Opener, your challenge is to try not to overwhelm us. Pick one idea, show a strong example of how it works, offer a low risk way to try it out.

You:     Oh really? I already have an idea that I want to introduce.

MFG:   Excellent.

You:     That was almost too easy.  How do I find out more about my genius category?

MFG:   Well, you could start by downloading the IMG Diagnostic Guide.

You:     Oooh! Excellent. I’ll do that immediately, or maybe once the salt water on my laptop has dried out.  In the meantime, I brought the scones. Dill with smoked salmon.

MFG:   Wonderful. That will go perfectly with my earl grey tea. Cream and sugar?

You:     This just gets more and more fun.