Marketing for Health and Wellness Practitioners: A 4-Step Fail-Proof Plan

Christina Frei

Bring the magic of your work into your marketing to consistently get clients – without being spammy or salesy.

Whether you’re a health coach, personal trainer, mindfulness mentor, or energy worker, you help people get unstuck and feel great every day.  Your job feels like pure magic!

Until it comes to marketing. 

Yeah. I feel your pain. But it doesn’t have to be painful, I promise.

How to Market Your Wellness Business Without Being Salesy

Here are 4 simple truths about your marketing.

  1. You need to show up as a compelling expert that changes lives.
  2. You have a “why” that drives you in your wellness work, and it can give purpose and clarity to your messaging.
  3. There is one marketing strategy that will serve your business better than the rest. It’s simply a matter of identifying it. 
  4. Your mindset matters. It’s the difference between being sales-y or not.  

Effective Marketing Starts with Your “Why”

To get to the bottom of effective organic marketing, I conducted a 4-month marketing field study with 40 solo business owners in service professions  Each participant took a guided journey to reveal their deepest “why” in service to others (even CPA’s and financial advisors!) in the form of an archetype of service.

Ever better? Their archetype ignited their brand story and clarified how to attract great clients. 

For example, an interior decorator with an adventure guide archetype emphasized the exciting things (adventures!) that could happen working with her.  She used her marketing to help her prospects think bigger. Once she tapped into this part of herself, everything changed.  She modified her whole approach – and even met with prospects on horseback (an adventure they never forgot.)

You can bring the same transformational power to YOUR marketing that you bring to each wellness client.  What if you could help others in your daily marketing the way you do in your energy work or your health coaching?  

Now you can – with one simple marketing direction.  I detail this in the 4 steps below.

The last thing I discovered with this field study: 5 revealing archetype categories of successful marketers.

  • Nurturers
  • Adventure Guides (like the interior decorator)
  • Door Openers
  • Steady Presences
  • Celebrators

The power of their marketing came directly from their “why,” activating a powerful brand story and revealing how to get out there.

Before I give you the step-by-step instructions for your marketing plan, let’s look at five unique health & wellness professionals and see how they get clients with their uniqueness. Do you identify with any of them?

5 Wellness Professionals with Steady Streams of Clients

Lolli Leeson, A health coach helping families eat healthier

Lolli Leeson’s mission is to help families struggling with dietary challenges, which includes health coaching, Juice+ supplements, and hydroponic Tower Gardens. Here is her health coach marketing plan: 

  1. A talk called “Healthy Families” to attract her ideal clients
  2. Health-related events in her local community to uplift others
  3. Consistent calls to her prospects and clients to stay top of mind

Lolli is a classic Nurturer Marketing ArchetypeHer “why” is to make it safe for others to thrive and she easily creates a sanctuary for others so they can reach their goals.  Specifically, Lolli helps busy parents slow down, get conscious about food, and make better decisions on behalf of their family.   

In her expert talk on family nutrition, Lolli shares the story of her own family’s health challenges and how they survived them.  She details the very real challenges that American families face, and then offers manageable solutions in the form of coaching, supplements, and the Tower Garden.

Using her talks as a foundation of service, Lolli also connects with her community at local health and lifestyle events and has become a household name in her local area.  Her regular calls to prospects and clients are always to see how she can further serve them, never to sell. 

Because of consistency and care, Lolli has built a following of satisfied clients who have turned their families around.   This is Lolli at her best.

Are you a Nurturer?   Click here to find out.

Mike Stare, Owner of Spectrum Fitness and Personal Trainer with Science-First Methods

Mike Stare is not your typical personal trainer.  Instead of using hype, bossiness, or a coolness factor, Mike bases everything on science and research. His physical therapy background allows him to develop custom programs for each client based on their physical needs.  Anything he recommends is based on piles of studies that he reads for fun. 

We all know that data and scientific studies can put anyone to sleep. So what’s his secret?  He does the following: 

  1. Weekly webinars that address common challenges his clients face 
  2. Consistent participation in a network group to develop referral partners
  3. Regular community talks and sponsored webinars to share his knowledge to the wider community

As the Steady Presence Marketing Archetype, Mike is the rock that everyone leans on. His continuous and generous stream of knowledge gives his audience everything they need to go forward.  He’s not afraid to share his treasure trove of proven methods.

Those with a Steady Presence Marketing Archetype thrive with ample opportunities to share the breadth and depth of their knowledge in public. Mike does this regularly (and quite effectively) with his free webinars, talks, and networking with irresistible topics such as “How to Lose Fat without Being Miserable” and “Addressing Knee Pain without Surgery.”

Are you a Steady Presence?  Click here to find out.

Lauren D’Agostino, A Vegan Chef who Makes Healthy Cooking Fun

In certain circles, the vegan lifestyle is the equivalent of being an ascetic monk in the Middle Ages…they think you can’t eat anything fun!  Nobody busts that myth better than chef-for-hire Lauren D’Agostino who creates “high-vibe” culinary events that would make anyone’s mouth water.

Lauren has found incredible success with her flavor of marketing, including:

  1. Fun and trendy dinners, retreats and wine tastings to wow her audience
  2. An active and engaging Instagram account featuring all the fun things she does
  3. An email newsletter chock full of recipes and tips

Not surprisingly, Lauren is the Celebrator Marketing Archetype and aims to bring the good life to others.  Instead of listing boring statistics about the health benefits of vegan eating, Lauren goes straight to the sensual joy of eating good food.  Celebrators have their own special flair, including humor, design-sense, and fun. A Celebrator vegan chef magnetizes clients by simply reveling in her work and sharing this with her people.  Lauren highlights the best she has to offer simply by sharing the fun.

A marketing campaign doesn’t have to be expensive to be successful. Lauren’s plan works well because her vibrant energy shines through. Her Instagram feed is filled with colorful, life-affirming moments and invitations to great events. Her email newsletter overflows with events and stories about her life as a vegan chef.  It’s the opposite of dogmatic.  

Her reasonably-priced events give people an easy way to sample her food and enjoy themselves.  Through all of this, Lauren’s experience of marketing is not a grind. She’s having an ongoing party and showing herself at her best. 

Are you a Celebrator?  Click here to find out.

Laura Hansen, Spiritual Teacher with a Thriving Online Community

Laura Hansen teaches spiritual sovereignty with a set of powerful meditative tools. She offers an array of classes from beginner to highly advanced, and has a thriving online community of meditators and healers who follow her.  I can attest to her skills because I took one of her advanced programs at the beginning of COVID and it was a life-saver (and I now know there’s such a thing as a thirteenth chakra!).  

Laura used a simple but purposeful approach to build her following:

  1. Free guided meditations several times a week to help her community
  2. Invitations to select people for her programs that meant everyone was pre-qualified and hand-picked

Laura has a gift for seeing what’s possible for others before they do, and she empowers them to move forward by being bold in her own life.  This is quintessential Adventure Guide Marketing Archetype.   Adventure Guides do well to offer real experiences of their work and to share their own adventures.  Laura offers the free meditations consistently (a real experience), and also offers certain community events that support veterans and other populations in need. 

Laura’s marketing was so successful that she sold me on it! I decided to join her advanced program because she sent out a Facebook Messenger group invitation to a select group of spiritual seekers.   Once I joined, I was also part of her Divine Spark Facebook group that is filled with active practitioners.

As you can see, Laura’s marketing is as transformative as her programs. 

Are you an Adventure Guide?  Click here to find out.

Zach Bush, World-Changing Health Coach with a Medical Background

Zach Bush is a multi-talented entrepreneur that offers health coaching among other services.  A change-maker and advocate, Zach Bush turns conventional wisdom on its head and asks his audience to reconsider how they view their health.  

Zach Bush has found great popularity due to his:

  1. Mind-blowing webinars that offer new perspectives on all areas of health
  2. Guest appearances on podcasts to spread the word 
  3. Regular emails to his audience that encourage action

When Zach Bush offers a webinar, you can count on a mindset shift, especially related to your relationship with nature.  With loads of primary research and guest appearances by health and medical professionals, these webinars run 2-3 hours long, and are strong educational tools.  

As a Door Opener Marketing Archetype, Zach Bush loves to offer different perspectives on things we thought we knew.  Door Openers are natural educators and keep us from rigid thinking. The key for Door Openers is to simplify and focus their marketing, since they tend to have a thousand things to say.  Zach Bush does this by focusing primarily on deeply researched webinars that change your worldview.  His follower count is proof that It works.

Are you a Door Opener?   Click here to find out.

OK, you’ve seen how others have done it. Perhaps you resonate with one of them in particular. 

Now it’s your turn.  Ready?

The 4-Steps to your Fail-Proof Marketing Plan

You got into this business because you love to help people. You’re looking to make a difference in the world. I’ll bet that you didn’t count on spending  hours and hours on marketing with questionable effectiveness. Now you don’t have to.

`1. The Basics

Before you can change lives in your marketing, you need the basics. This includes: 

  • Regular networking, joining a couple groups and attending others
  • A basic website
  • A social media presence, such as a Facebook Business page, Instagram business page, LinkedIn profile, and more
  • Business cards
  • An email list
  • A clear list of offerings

This is the equivalent of hanging up your shingle. You need to be in your community to get known (networking), have a website and social media presence where people find out more, business cards to hand out, a way to keep in touch (email list), and a clear list of offerings on your website.  It’s where you can truly stand out. Use YouTube instructional videos for any questions you have.

Please note: even with a social media presence, you need a website. It’s a credibility builder and a place to demonstrate your unique value. Every website is different, whereas every Facebook Business page looks the same.

2. Identify Your “Why” and Apply it to Your Brand Story and Core Content

Knowing your “why” in service to others helps determine what you really want to say and what magnetizes others to you. 

Take this 5-minute assessment to discover your Marketing Archetype.  

Which one of these Marketing Archetypes are you? 

  • Nurturers: They create sanctuary for others to thrive
  • Adventure Guides: They empower people to reach for their biggest goals
  • Door Openers: They help people stay open in their thinking
  • Steady Presences: They assure people they have what they need to move forward
  • Celebrators: They bring the good life 

Each of these “types” has an impactful brand story and their own magnetic quality.  

Ready? Simply take the assessment and get started.  

3. Choose the Big Marketing Strategy

Now that you know your Marketing Archetype, you’re ready to show yourself at your best. Let’s call it “The Big Strategy.”  This becomes your marketing lifestyle, since you’ll be attending to it daily (or almost daily.)  This is how you generate great content, establish yourself as a compelling expert, and ultimately get the best results.

Your “Big Strategy” should contain 3 key elements: 

  1. It honors your Marketing Archetype.
  2. It reflects how you naturally connect with people. 
  3. It meets your business needs

Listen to your intuition. The pressure to do all the things can be intense.  Even if everyone is on Clubhouse or Instagram reels, is that how you naturally connect with people? Maybe you’re a one-on-one person, or you love conferences, or getting up on stage and rocking your audience. 

Choose the strategy that’s aligned with your “why,” and give yourself permission to release the rest. 

The best part is… once you have decided on your “Big Strategy,” the possibilities are endless. No more stressing out about what to do.  Simply take what’s in the Big Strategy and repurpose for multiple uses. Here’s an example:

Let’s say you developed a “Winter Health Tips” Webinar Series… what else can you do with it?

  • Post invites on Facebook, Instagram, and beyond
  • Invite people at your networking groups
  • Take snippets and post on social media
  • Create a YouTube channel with recorded webinars
  • Write an article (or articles) with the same subject matter
  • Invite your email list each time
  • Make it a collaboration with another wellness professional
  • Talk it about it with prospects in one-on-one networking meetings

The key is to take some time to reflect on the right strategy for you based on your Marketing Archetype. If you want guidance to create your “Big Strategy,” schedule a Discovery Call with me.

4. Take “Sales-y” Out of the Equation in 10 Minutes

As a wellness practitioner and/or health coach, you probably cringe at sounding sales-y.  That said, you still need to market and sell on a regular basis. It can feel like a dilemma. 

Let’s flip this around to serving instead of selling with the Generosity Practice.  This mindset tool takes 10-minutes a day, and here’s what happens: instead of being worried about what others think, you get excited about how much you can help people.  You simply can’t wait to get out there and change lives.  It helps you to be more present and real about what your prospects actually need. (Check out the 21 results people reported on). 

If you have practiced meditation before, I recommend the deep-dive online course, called the 30-Day Generosity Practice Mastery Course.  It’s based on two field studies with 40 people in 5 countries. 

If you would prefer to take a “lighter” approach, I suggest starting with the 1-minute exercises  in The Generosity Practice Book: 40 Days to Unstoppable

The Bottom Line on a Simple, Effective Marketing Plan for Wellness Professionals

It’s time to offer your magic, be fulfilled in your marketing, and get clients regularly -without being spammy or salesly.  You simply need to honor your own “why” and identify the best way to connect.  Start with your Marketing Archetype and end with an honest and realistic plan that plays to your strengths.  You’ll be rewarded with consistent clients and a good night’s sleep.  

Christina Frei works with wellness practitioners to become compelling experts and get great clients. Book a 30-Minute Discovery Session here

Check out her a self-study approach to these 4 steps, if you enjoy working on your own.